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Ai Kawakami
Dr. Ai Kawakami is a research fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science who studies music and emotion. 

She completed her PhD from the Tokyo University of the Arts with the highest honors in 2013. 

Dr. Kawakami has an interest in why we listen to sad music from the viewpoints of not only music psychology but also neuroscience and cognitive science, and she does have actual experience in this regard, having won the most difficult piano competition in Japan.

Current Research
Domains of interest:
• Music and Emotion
• Perceived emotion and Felt emotion
• Sad Music
• Vicarious Emotion
• Metacognition of Emotion
• Empathy
• Strong Experiences of Music and Personality
 2013: Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan (with highest honors)
Doctoral thesis: Two Kinds of Musical Emotions The Relationship between Perceived Emotion and Felt Emotion

2006: M.S. in Human Science, Osaka University, Japan
Master thesis: The Relationship between "Kandoh" (Strong Experiences in Japanese) while listening to music and personality

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