Philosophy Job Market and Publishing Advice

There's been a fair amount of online discussion of the kind of issues which will be preying on the mind of almost any philosophy graduate student facing the twin hurdles of the academic job market and landing a paper in a peer-reviewed journal. I'll be collecting links to such discussions here, and sorting them into four groups. The first deals with advice on whether graduate students should try to publish, and on how to make it into print. The second collects info on specific journals - their place in the hierarchy, their turnaround time, whether they give referee-reports to the authors, whether they publish discussion notes, etc. The third group contains advice on how to be successful on the philosophy job market. Finally, the fourth category includes links to various reflections by individuals on the job market and their own experiences of it.

Aside from these rough-and-ready groupings, I have resisted the urge to act as editor. Those who follow any of the links provided here will have to exercise their own judgment concerning how useful or accurate the advice and info offered is. Whenever possible I have labeled links with the name of the author and the year the linked material appeared on the web (or was last updated). The reader should note that it is often in the comments thread of a page linked here that one will find the relevant discussion.

The idea for this page came from Brit Brogaard's homepage, which includes links to a number of the pages linked below. My thanks to Brit for compiling these, thereby making my task here a lot easier. Thanks also to those who have already suggested additions. Since I first put this page up, it's been brought to my attention that Gualtiero Piccinini has a similar site, Resources for students, which I'd recommend also looking at. Also well worth a visit is Philosophy Advice, which offers a host of important links.

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1. Publishing and Journals

1.1 Advice on publishing 

Getting published (Smith 2000) 

On avoiding rejection by journals (Simco)

Advice to philosophy graduate students about publishing (Leiter 2004)

A "guide" for graduate students about publishing (Leiter 2006)

Graduate student publishing (Piccinini 2006)

Publish or perish? (Morgan 2007)

Publishing Your Philosophy (McKinnon)  

The Postgraduate's Guide to Getting Published (Brooks 2008. 2003 version here)

1.2 Journals

Journal Surveys (Cullison 2009 - check out other posts on his blog for useful analysis of the survey data)

Philosophy Journals Wiki

Which are the highest quality "general" philosophy journals in English? (Leiter 2009)

Which journals are responsible (Leiter 2004)

The Best Philosophy Journals (Brogaard 2007)

Philosophy Journals (Piccinini 2006)

Which journals publish "discussion notes"? (Leiter 2007)

Journals survey (Weatherson 2004)

The Best Philosophy Journals (Colyvan 2007)

Short Journals (Weatherson 2007) 

2. The Job Market 

2.1 Advice for job-seekers

Job seekers advice (Weatherson 2005) 

On the philosophy job market (Piccinini 2006)

More on the philosophy job market (Piccinini 2006)

New comment on the philosophy job market (Piccinini 2006)

UCI Placement Advice (UCI LPS)

Philosophy publications and hiring practices (Leiter 2004)

Hiring practices at less "elite" universities (Leiter 2005)

Reasons for non-selection of job-candidates (Brogaard 2007)

Academic job market wiki

APA Placement Brochure (2005)

UK job market (Williams 2007)

Getting a job in philosophy: a guide for graduate students (Keeley)

The early career job market: information and advice for Australian philosophers (Colyvan 2007)

Placement information that may be of interest to philosophy students (Stroud - be sure to scroll down for links) 

Duke philosophy graduate placement guide (PDF)

How to Best Prepare for Job Interviews at Schools with a Primary Emphasis on Teaching (Leiter 2008)

Placement Information (Beebe, UB)

Writing Samples in Job Applications: How Long? (Leiter 2008)

2.2 Is it all worth it?

Should I become a professional philosopher? (Brogaard 2007)

The Philosophy Smoker

The Philosophy Smoker

Know yourself and what doctoral study entails (Survey)