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 Ajoy Home 
(2 May, 1913 - 30 October, 1992)

 This Committee has been formed to commemorate the birth centenary of the ornithologist Ajoy Home (2 May, 1913 - 30 October, 1992) . It is a non-profit effort aimed at promoting awareness of nature in general and birds in particular by organising seminars, lectures, book releases etc.

Email: ajoy.home.centenary@gmail.com, goutamneogi1947@gmail.com

The following board has been constituted.
President: Pranab Ranjan Roy

Vice President: Dr. Parul Chakraborty 

Secretary: Goutam Neogi                                Treasurer: Aniruddha Rakshit
                                   (Prof. Ratanlal Brahmachari,til he                                        passed away on 13th.February,2018)
                                    Prasad Ranjan Roy

                                      Co-ordinators:                                                                  Aniruddha Home
                                     Kushal Mukherjee
                                     Dipak Kumar Dawn
                                                                          Sutapa Roy Chowdhury
                                                                          Arup Chaudhury
                                                                          Anikendra Home
Committee Members - Pijush Dasgupta,Prof.Indrani Ghosh,Tapanayan Ghosh,Prasun Ganguly,Moushumi Ghosh,Ratna Roychowdhury,Manik Banerji,Pijush Roychowdhury, Dr.Prabir Lahiri and others.

> With profound regret we mourn the loss of Dr. Ratanlal Brahmachari who passed away on 13th. of February,2018 at Kolkata.

> In connection with the efforts to reprint the works of Ajoy Home, the revised manuscript of  Banglar Pakhi has been submitted to Dey's Publishing House in Dec. 2012.New illustrations for the book is being provided by the Prakriti Samsad members & others. after being vetted by Kushal Mukherjee.(Published in Dec'2015,
This committee expresses its sincere thanks and gratitude to the contributing photographers(i.e Kushal Mukherjee,Megh Roychowdhury,Gopa Halder,Arka Sarkar,Joydip Maity,Alok Bhattacharya, Sidhartha Goswami,Asmita Pal,Maitrey Das,Aurobindo Debnath etc,) the Publisher as well as others, who helped in  publication of the Centenary edition of Banglar Pakhi.   
 Subsequently, manuscript of Chena Achena Pakhi,sequel to Banglar Pakhi,has been submitted to Dey's Publishing House in mid 2015.The 2nd. proof has been delivered by the publisher in late September 2017.

> Seminar celebrating ornithologists Ajoy Home (1913 - 2013 ) & Dr. Satyacharan Laha (1888- 1984) held on  sunday , 13th. January 2013, from 10 a.m to 5 p.m.
VENUE : 4TH. Science Meet organised by Gobardanga Gabeshana Parishad,           (In Collaboration with Banya Pran,Akhon Aranyak & The Science Assn. of Bengal )
            Gobardanga Rly Station,P.O. Khatura, North 24- Paraganas
            PIN : 743 273.
 Dipak Dawn, Subhas Dutta ,Hiranmay Maity,Subrata Chakraborty,Sutapa        Roychowdhury,Goutam Neogy, Dr.Konad Baidya,Dr.Santanu Ghosh(ZSI ),     
Prof. Narayan Ghorai and others. 

Coordinators :  Rekha and Dipak Kumar Dawn ( 9474192799 )

> Radio talk at 8 a.m on Ajoy HOME & Dr. Satyacharan Laha by Dipak Kumar Dawn on 13th. and14thFebruary 2013 respectively in JANA- AJANA program of Akashbani, Kolkata.
> Birth Centenary  of  Ajoy Home celebrated on 2nd. MAY, 2013, 4-30 P.M. on wards,  by THE BONGIYO BIGYAN PORISHOD,at the parishad hall (Satyendra Nath Bose sabha griha ), in collaboration with The Ajoy Home Centenary Committee. A POTRAIT OF AJOY HOME WAS INAGURATED ON THE OCCASION.

Songs : Sarbani Home.
SPEAKERS : Judhajit Dasgupta, Subrata Chakraborty , Dr.Parul Chakraborty,Sutapa Roy Chowdhury,Pranabranjan Roy,Jiban Sardar, Dr.Sumitra Chowdhury, Hiranmoy Maity, Dipak Kumar Dawn and others.
Chief Guest : Dr. Parul Chakraborty.
Venue : P-23 Raja Rajkrishna Street, Kolkata( near old Biswaroopa Theatre ).


> A well attended Programme celebrating the Birth Centenary of Ajoy Home was held on 15th. June,2013, 6-30 p.m on wards; organised by the Brahmo Sammilan Samaj and The Ajoy Home Centenary Committee;at the Samaj Hall, 1A Dr.Rajendra Road, Kolkata- 700020.  
President : Prasad Ranjan Roy.
Special Guests : Dr. Pronobesh Sanyal & Dr.Kumar Chatterjee.
Prayer : Aniruddha Rakshit
Songs : Bisakha De & Rebeca Rakshit.
speakers: Dr.Pronobesh Sanyal,Dr.Kumar Chatterjee,Pranab Ranjan Roy,Prasad Ranjan Roy,Dr. Goutam Neogy,Dipak Kumar Dawn,Sugato Roy and Kushal Mukherjee.
Vote of thanks : Prasun Ganguly. 

> BANGLAR PAKHI : Ajoy Home Birth Centenary edition of "Banglar Pakhi (Vol-1)" published in January 2015 by Dey's Publishing thanks to the efforts of Pranab Ranjan Roy and Prosad Ranjan Roy amongst others.The Photograph of birds for the book were largely provided by members of Prakriti Samsad & was selected/edited by Kushal Mukherjee. ISBN:978-81-295-2325-9

>CHENA ACHENA PAKHI(Sequel to Banglar pakhi ):Revised manusript (1st. proof)was handed back to the publisher (Dey's Publishing)in the first week of october 2016.However after cosiderable delay due to unavoidable causes,the 1st.proof has been processed and the 2nd. proof has been received from the publisher in late September 2017. Subsequently3rd. proof reading is under progress.
>Contribution of photographs: contribution of  photographs of  NON -PASSERINE species OF BIRDS  for the forthcoming Ajoy Home Birth Centenary edition of CHENA ACHENA PAKHI  are invited from interested persons.Photos should be in JPG format having Name of  both the photographer & bird in the caption.
Photographs to be sent to Indranee @ gmail . com.
Photographs selected for publication will be duly acknowledged in the Book.
Thanks to efforts of Dipak Kr. Dawn,Arjan Basuroy,Pijush Roychowdhury,Indranee Ghosh,Prabir Lahiri,Manik Banerji etc.contribution of photographs for C.A.P are
 quite encouraging & the committee hopes for further contributions from Bird Enthusiasts, so that additional illustrations for the books can be selected from a wider range of photographs.
CONTRIBUTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHS :- Aloke Bhattacharya,Anup Shah,Subir Chakraborty,Pijush Roychowdhury, Suman Roychowdhury,Pampa Mistry,Anamitra Ghosh,D.J Chakraborty,Sourav De,Zahid.Koustav Banerjee,Sourav Chakraborty,Rana Das,Avik Roy,Gargi Gupta,Soumik Biswas, Anagha Deb,Suranjan Mukherjee Srimonto Pathak etc.


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Seminar on ornithologist AjoyHome& Satyacharan Laha Gobar Danga Gabeshana Parishad, Gobardanga RlyStn January 13, 2013 10 A.M to 4 P.M 
Birth Centenary of Ajoy Home THE BONGIYO BIGYAN PORISHOD hall (Satyendra Nath Bose sabha griha), P-23 Raja Rajkrishna Street, Kolkata May 2, 2013 4:30 PM 
Birth Centenary of Ajoy Home org. by Brahmo Sammilan Samaj and The Ajoy Home Centenary Committee Brahmo Sammilan Samaj Hall, 1A Dr.Rajendra Road, Kolkata- 700020.  June 15, 2013 6:30 PM 
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