Research Triangle Park Chapter of the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals

Why You Should Join Our Chapter

Why should environmental and safety professionals join our chapter? What is the inherent value of RTP Chapter of AHMP membership? Membership in our chapter allows for individual members to network and increase their effectiveness and scope as hazardous materials professionals, environmental managers, safety executives, and the like. This capability, both regionally and nationally, allows members to expand their horizons for obtaining technical information and assistance or the opportunity to look for new and better employment. The Chapter is connected to AHMP network of more than 8,000 members adn 60 chapters. It is the perfict networking springboard to assist individual members.
The RTP Chapter of AHMP, along with sister AHMP chapters to support and participate in the AHMP annual conference that provides an opportunity to have a free and open dissemination of technical information that spans the hazardous materials profession. This conference also provides individual members withthe opportunity to disucss issues with AHMP Board Members to help chart the future course of the organization.
Membership in our Chapter is a worthwile proposition. We encourage interested professionals and students to join and actively participate in RTP Chapter activities. Feel free to contact us with your membership questions. The AHMP is entering a new erea and in a good position to provide excellent value to talented professionals. The time to act is now! Get involved and make the RTP Chapter of AHMP your professional priority.

What's the Best Thing About Our Chapter?

Without a doubt, it's the lunch & learn meetings. Our lunchtime chapter meetings typcally include free pizza or sandwiches during a professional seminar given by an expert in the health, safety, and enviromental field. The meetings are generally one hour and are widely attended since they are held conveniently at the Grifols Campus in RTP each quarter. It is an amazing opportunity to receive continuing education and network with other professionals making a difference in the workplace. It's a great experience.