Tenderheart Info

A Tenderheart is a girl ages 6-9 and in grades 1-3.

A Tenderheart earns Achievement Badges in any of the six Frontiers of Skill and

receives activity patches for participating in Troop activities or special events.

They earn the Sacagawea Award for achieving the highest level of skill and service at this level.

Service Stars are awarded for every 5 hours of community service.

Tenderheart Unit

We will work on the Living in the USA badge as a Troop during the month of September.

We will work on the Sewing badge as a Troop during the month of October and November.

You may work on any badges at home at your leisure. Make sure you fill out and turn in the Individual Badges Earned Sheet.

Tenderheart Unit Leader:

Tenderheart Meeting Info: