Luís Aguiar-Conraria

Welcome to my homepage

I am a researcher of NIPE (Economic Policies Research Unit) and a professor at the Department of Economics - University of Minho.

My research focuses on Wavelet Analysis, Macroeconomic Dynamics and Political Economy (voting behavior).

After my return to Portugal, in 2005, I have taught many courses, however it seems that I have settled in for Economic Dynamics (undergrad), Time Series Analysis and Macroeconomics courses (graduate level).

I finished my Economics PhD in 2005, at Cornell University. I studied under the supervision of Karl Shell (chair), Yi Wen, Nicholas Kiefer and Yongmiao Hong. Before going to Cornell, I completed my Master studies in the University of Porto. Francisco Louçã was my thesis supervisor. My undergraduate studies were pursued in the University of Coimbra. I have fond memories of all these three universities.

On the right hand side, you can find links to my blog "A destreza das dúvidas", to my research, which include a specific page fully devoted to Wavelet Analysis, to my vitae (pdf), to some friends, to my supervisors and to some of my co-authors.