Agito - the antidote to Agitation !

Agito is a transport planning consultancy working closely with businesses and other organisations to provide advice and bespoke solutions to support sustainable transport improvements, development and regeneration in the built environment. 


The services we provide include:


  • Traffic Engineering and Management
  • Development Planning to support planning applications
  • Bus Service Planning, Bus Service Specification, and Bus Network Development
  • Transport Modelling and Economic Assessment
  • Outline design and option assessment of transport infrastructure and passenger facilities
  • Public consultation and stakeholder engagement
  • Public relations and event management

We work with those whose business is developing the built environment and improving transport and accessibility, with a focus on highways and public transport.   

  • Local, Regional and National Government 
  • Developers, Planners and Environmentalists
  • Integrated Passenger Transport Authorities
  • Transport Operators 
  • Community transport groups  including community rail partnerships and voluntary organisations

We are an accredited Bloom supplier. That means any member, or associate member, of NEPO may request a proposal or call off our services through the Nepro solution.

To discuss how Agito could help you please email us  info@agito-llp.com 


Agito Transport Planning Consultancy

Travel House

4 Chaucer Close

St David's Park




We have offices in:


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