Hello, this is Abdul Ghafoor, originally from Pakistan and belong to a farmer family, hold  M.Sc(Hons.) in Agriculture with major in Soil Science from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan.  and Ph.D in Environmental Sciences from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala-Sweden.  My research interests include catchment scale investigations of soil, hydrological processes, and modeling the fate of pollutants.

I am passionate to investigate the behaviour of pesticides in the environment and develop mitigation strategies for clean and better environment. I would like to develop different user-friendly modelling tools useful in understanding the  fate of agrochemicals, and various other processes in soil science and hydrology discipline by  interfacing R  and Microsoft Visual studio. These tools would be applicable to  small-scale and large-scale investigation of various processes in soil environment. 


  I am a social and sporty guy. My favorite sports are cricket, tennis, field hockey, soccer and canoe.





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