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Written by Adam Aceto for the pleasure and education of the American wine connoisseur.
Since the fall of communism in Hungary, not nearly enough has been written in the United States extolling the praises of Tokaj wine and asserting its historic and well deserved reputation as the world’s finest and most historic sweet wine. Despite being few in number nearly all modern-day authors, often writing on behalf of Hungarian producers, seem unable to put into English words the complex hierarchy of Tokaj wines in a way an American wine lover can easily grasp and understand. So often this due to the fact that much of the literature written about Tokaj wine is written by Hungarians in Hungarian and is translated into English not by wine experts but by barely bi-lingual Hungarians "in house" or even worse, by computer programs where detail, expression, and excitement can be easily lost.

It is the aim this website to shed light on the subject of Tokaji in America and to encourage consumers to seek out these wines. This resource is written with the express aim to excite readers about these wines enough so, that they want to taste them for themselves. Our aim is multifaceted:  to increase the public's awareness about Tokaji and the wines of Hungary; to foster import of more and better vintages of Tokaji; to increase American representation of small wineries and new Tokaji makers and in turn, make available in America the variety and quality of Tokaji wine now only available in Hungary.

Tokaj Renaissance (Tokaj Reneszánsz)

The American Friends of the Tokaj Renaissance is the English-speaking world's source for the current happenings in the world of Tokaji wine.

The actual Tokaj Renaissance is an alliance of winemakers located in Tokaj, Hungary whose goal is to "restore one of the world's most prestigious wines to its former glory: this is the challenge that the best Tokaj estates decided to accept. Its main mission consists of protecting the notion of Tokaj Great Growth wines, founded on fine wines typical of their appellation along with a respect for tradition."

You may visit their site at http://www.tokaji.hu/

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