Webmaster Description

AFA-NIET Webmaster

position description

(approved at AFA-NIET Tournament Committee meeting November 2004)




  1. The NIET Webmaster is appointed by the Chair of the AFA-NIET Committee, in consultation with the AFA-NIET Committee. The AFA-NIET Webmaster does not serve as a member of the NIET Committee.
  2. An open call for self-nominations for the AFA-NIET Webmaster will be posted on the AFA-NIET website.
  3. The Webmaster position is a two-year appointment. The appointment is made at the spring meeting of the AFA-NIET Committee. There is no limit to the number of times a Webmaster may be reappointed.
  4. The responsibilities of the AFA-NIET Webmaster include:
    1. Maintain the AFA-NIET website.
    2. Convert and post documents to the AFA-NIET website as directed by the AFA-NIET Committee Chair (e.g. AFA- NIET invitation, AFA-NIET results, motions approved by the AFA-NIET Committee, national tournament local arrangements information, announcements, etc.)
    3. If possible attend meetings of the AFA-NIET Committee so as to apprise members of developments on the site and consult with the committee about the construction and content of the website.
    4. Maintain and update, as appropriate, the legislative and historical documents of the NIET.
    5. Create and delete links to other forensic resources as directed by the AFA-NIET Committee Chair.
    6. Make recommendations about the AFA-NIET website to the Chair of the AFA-NIET Committee.
    7. Maintain and update student-specific content in consultation with the national student co-chair representatives and the NIET Chair.
  5. The Chair of the AFA-NIET Committee is responsible for communicating any concerns pertaining to the AFA-NIET website to the Webmaster.
  6. When a Webmaster exits the AFA-NIET Webmaster position, he/she will be expected to provide the extant content to the Webmaster-designate and to facilitate a smooth transition for the AFA-NIET website.
  7. Any expenses incurred by the NIET Webmaster will be the responsibility of the 
    AFA-NIET, however, all expenses must have the prior approval of the AFA- 
    NIET Committee Chair.