Research Form

NOTE: Please read these guidelines before completing this form: Guidelines 

Request for Permission to Conduct Research at the AFA-NIET

Submit to: The American Forensic Association National Individual Events Tournament Research Review Committee
Frank Thompson, Chair of the Research Review Committee
Larry Schnoor, National Tournament Director

Principal Investigator:
Institutional Affiliation:
Mailing Address:
Category of Research: Indicate the type and form of research to be conducted (e.g., interviews, survey)

Research Subjects: Indicate from whom data will be collected (e.g., coaches, judges, competitors, audience)

Has your research proposal been approved by your university's unit responsible for ensuring compliance with federal regulations governing research involving human subjects? _____ Yes ____ No (attach a copy of the human subjects approval to this form).
Purpose (briefly identify the purpose[s] of your study):

Why is it important or necessary to conduct your research at the national tournament?

At what point of time in the tournament do you seek to administer your research?

When and where do you anticipate reporting the results of your research?

Attachements: Attach a copy of the research instrument and a copy of the human subjects approval to this form.

Send all materials to: Frank Thompson and Larry Schnoor
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