Outstanding New Coach



Outstanding Forensics New Coach Award Nomination

Rationale: The Outstanding New Forensics Coach Award is designed to recognize outstanding new forensics coaches in the AFA-NIET. The award may be presented annually at the AFA-NIET.

Specific Criteria for Nominations:

A graduate student, assistant coach, or team director of an AFA-NIET affiliated team who is in thier first seven years of coaching.

Demonstrates leadership in innovations in forensics.

Exhibits qualities as a forensics educator.

Format for all Nominations:

(1) One page summary of nominees' contributions as a forensic leader and educator.

(2) A Curriculum Vitae

(3) Three signed letters of recommendation, including information on the nominee's contributions:

a. one from current/formerly coached students,

b. one from a current/former supervisor,

d. one from a Forensics colleague from another institution.

(4) Plus no more than one additional letter.

Nomination Process: The NIET Outstanding New Forensics Coach Award Selection Committee is comprised of the AFA-NIET Vice-Chair (chair) and the four NIET Regional Representatives. The committee is encouraged to solicit input from current and/or former competitors which were officially coached by the nominee. The purpose of the committee is to recommend to the entire NIET Committee each year the coach(es) deserving of this recognition. All nominations must be sent to the AFA-NIET Vice-Chair by October 1st.

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