NST Committee Minutes

Minutes from by the AFA-NST National Committee:

NCA 2020 (Coming soon)

April 2020 (WebEx, Due to COVID-19)

November 2019 (NCA in Baltimore, MD)

April 2019 (NIET in University of Alabama)

November 2018 (NCA in Salt Lake City)

April 2018 (AFA-NIET in Colorado Springs, CO)

November 2017 (NCA in Dallas, TX)

April 2017 (AFA-NIET in Peoria, IL)

November 2016 (NCA in Philadelphia, PA)

April 2016 (AFA-NIET in Gainesville, FL)

November 2015 (NCA in Las Vegas, NV)

April 2015 (AFA-NIET in Portland, OR)

November 2014 (NCA in Chicago, IL)

April 2013 (AFA-NIET in Hutchinson, KS)

November 2012 (NCA in Orlando, FL)

April 2012 (AFA-NIET in San Marcos, TX)

November 2011 (NCA in New Orleans, LA)

April 2011 (AFA-NIET in Kearney, NE)

April 2010 (AFA-NIET Tournament)

November 2009 (NCA in Chicago)

April 2009 (Akron, OH)

November 2008 (NCA: San Diego, CA)

November 2007 (NCA: Chicago, IL)

April 2007 (Minnesota State University, Mankato)

November 2006 (San Antonio, TX)

April 2005 (Kansas State University)

Motions passed by the AFA-NIET National Committee:

November 2004 (NCA in Chicago)

April 2004 (AFA-NIET Tournament)

November 2003 (NCA in Miami Beach)

April 2003 (AFA-NIET Tournament)

November 2002 (NCA in New Orleans)