Dr. Bruce Manchester Scholar Series


Call for Research Grant Proposals

Rationale: The AFA-NIET Scholar Series is designed with the intent to promote and support forensics scholarship. Each year, one grant of up to $5000 will be awarded to a communication scholar(s) for the purpose of conducting intensive study and research on a public communication issue relevant to forensics. The recipient of this annual grant shall be recognized by the AFA-NIET as the NIET Scholar.

Honorarium: Each year's NIET Scholar will receive an honorarium of up to $5,000 that may be used for a variety of purposes: for study/research materials; to fund release time from the Scholar's home institution; for necessary travel to conduct the study/research; or in other ways as best fits the needs of the scholar to conduct the study/research

Submission of Proposals: Submissions will be due each year no later than November 1. Any full-time faculty/staff member from an accredited college/university may submit a research proposal. Either single or multiple authored proposals will be considered. Graduate and undergraduate student involvement may only be conducted under the direct supervision of a full-time faculty/staff member. The full-time faculty/staff member shall be responsible for completion of the project. Applicants will submit a written proposal not to exceed five pages indicating the public communication issue(s) they wish to investigate. The submission should indicate the applicant's background and interest in the subject; and relevancy of the public communication issue as a worthwhile avenue of scholarly study. Selection is by "blind" review. Author(s) name(s) should only appear on the title page; the text of the proposal should not identify the author(s).

Selection Process: A committee composed of the Vice-Chair of the NIET and the four NIET Regional Representatives will select each year's NIET Scholar from the research proposals received by November 1st. Selection is by "blind" review. Each year the Selection Committee will make its decision in January followed by public notification and grant presentation at the subsequent NIET. (Note: If the project involves research at the NIET, the Scholar must follow the appropriate procedures for conducting the research at the NIET as described in the AFA-NIET by-laws and invitation.)

Accountability: The NIET Scholar shall present their research project and results to the AFA-NIET during the next year's National Tournament. Additionally, the NIET Scholar(s) shall submit the manuscript for publication in an appropriate journal following the public presentation at the AFA-NIET. A copy of the submitted manuscript shall be filed with the Chair of the AFA-NIET Committee

Submit all research grant proposals to:

Darren Epping
Dept. of Communication Studies
Kansas State University
227C Nichols Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506