Distinguished Service Award

AFA-NIET Distinguished Service Award

Call for Nominations

The AFA-NIET Vice Chair, and the four Regional Representatives comprise the standing committee known as the AFA-NIET Distinguished Service Award Committee. The purpose of the committee is to recommend to the entire NIET Committee each year the faculty member(s) deserving of this recognition. The award is presented annually at the AFA-NIET.

The criteria used by the AFA-NIET Distinguished Service Award Committee in making its recommendation(s) are:
Present or past association with the AFA-NIET
Contributions to the advancement and development of the AFA-NIET
Leadership in forensics
Innovations in forensics
Scholarly investigation of forensics (not necessarily publications per se, but a scholarly approach to development)
Qualities as a forensic educator

The committee needs your input.

The nomination package includes a one-page summary of the nominee's accomplishments, a nomination letter, and signed supporting letters of recommendation.

Please submit all nominations to:

Lee Mayfield
Communication Studies
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Phone - 504-568-3427
Fax - 504-568-6059

Deadline for nominations is October 1