General History Continued

During the period between 1973 and 1976, the committee, under the leadership of Dr. Jack Rhodes, investigated such issues as judging criteria, standardized rues, journal coverage, and tournament management and guidelines.In July of 1976, Dr. James Weaver, president of the AFA, appointed Professor Larry Schnoor of Mankato State University to chair the NIET Committee. This initial committee was comprised of the following individuals:

Ross Andrusko, Geneva College

Jack Howe, Long Beach State University

James Benson, Ball State University

Alice Jaswal, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Gary Coulter, Standford University

Don Nichols, Odessa College

Richard Dean, East Tennessee State University

Don Swanson, University of Southern Colorado

John Gregg, St. John's University

Jean Ward, Lewis & Clark University

It was decided to have the first tournament in April of 1978. The AFA-NIET Chair, Professor Larry Schnoor, worked with the committee to develop the tournament structure, rules, procedures for qualifying, and tournament management. Dr. James Pratt of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls was appointed to be the first tournament director. Dr. Pratt and Professor Schnoor worked closely together to bring about the first AFA-NIET, hosted by Illinois State University.

The first tournament was attended by approximately 168 students from 59 schools. There were 296 entries at the tournament. Various changes in the concept of the tournament were approved at the meeting o the committee in Illinois to tkae effect with the 1979 tournament. The committee membership re-elected Professor Schnoor as chair of the NIET. The work of the committee during the following year was to draft a charter for theAFA-NIET, which was approved by the membership of the AFA at its general meeting during the AFA-SCA Convention in Minneapolis, MN in November 1978.

The AFA-NIET has demonstrated significant growth since its beginnings. A total of six schools have been present at all of the tournaments: Bethel College (KS); Bradley University (IL); George Mason University (VA); Kansas State University; Minnesota State University, Mankato; and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. The AFA-NIET has and is continuing to play a significant part in the development of individual events.