Dr. Bruce Manchester Scholars

Dr. Bruce Manchester NIET Scholar Recipients

The AFA-NIET Scholar Series is designed with the intent to promote and support forensics scholarship. Each year, one grant of $2,500 will be awarded to a communication scholar(s) for the purpose of conducting intensive study and research on a public communication issue relevant to forensics. The recipient of this annual grant shall be recognized by the AFA-NIET as the NIET Scholar.

2005: David Williams, Texas Tech University and Patrick Hughes, Texas Tech University

2006: Todd Holm, Concordia College, MN

2007: Trischa Goodnow, Oregon State University

2008: No Award

2009: No Award

2010: No Award

2011: Daniel Cronn-Mills, Minnesota State University, Mankato & Stephen Croucher, Bowling Green State University

* Year indicates date of research presentation at the AFA-NIET. Each recipient is chosen 1.5 years earlier by the selection committee.