The Remington "Red Star" M1903 Rifles

Remington "Red Star" Model 1903

Aesir Tactical & Armory is very pleased and highly honored to offer two of the most historic Remington 1903 WWII rifles to currently reside on American soil.

These Remington Model 1903 .30-06 rifles were originally supplied to the British during World War II during the “lend lease” program to help aide in Britain’s cross-channel defense of their country from the Nazis.  Each rifle received a red-painted band on the forearm of the rifle to alert the members of the British Home Guard that they were not in their standard .303 British caliber.

After the war, an enterprising USAF major struck a deal to purchase and bring home 200 of these special 1903s.   Many were sold or pieced out to family and friends,  and in 1998, the late Red Star Military Museum in Culver City, California, made a deal to consign some of the remaining rifles in their retail location.  

Red Star is no longer with us, but the name stuck.  We were lucky enough to have known the owner of a few of the remaining crates of these rifles, and have been allowed the opportunity to offer a small lot of these historic Remington 1903 rifles for sale.  

Remington "Red Star" Model 1903 Rifle

The crate that these rifles came from was opened for the first time since their arrival onto United States soil in August 2012. All rifles have an asymmetrical red band painted in the 1940s with a "30" designation on their forearm. Many of the handguards are "mis-matched," as damaged rifle parts were replaced with non-damaged parts from other rifles. There could be minor hairline cracks in the wood and blemishes throughout the rifles but we cannot confirm any of this due to the layer of Cosmoline still protecting these rifles.  

Please note that all of these rifles have not been cleaned since they were loaded into their crates in England, and therefore are coated in Cosmoline and their original packing straw.  We will not be cleaning these prior to sale.

Please remember that these are war-used rifles, and their condition reflects that!  Contact us today for more information or to purchase.  Each rifle comes with an issue of Man at Arms magazine, which details the story and documentation of these rifles and their trip back home from the theater of war.

SERIAL #3053396

This rifle has a barrel date of 02-1942.  The RLB proof stamp is visible on the stock, as is the ordnance wheel cartouche.  The wood is in very good condition, with only minor dings and scratches visible.  A small gouge is present under the rear sight.  No hairline cracks are visible in the handguard.

Asking price $3499

SERIAL #3020399

Grasping groove stock.  RARE!  Barrel date of 12-1941.  The barrel date stamp is very faint, as is the lower part of the flaming bomb stamp on the barrel.  RLB stamp on stock is very good, and the ordnance wheel cartouche is fair.  The wood stock is very nice, with the only visible dings we can see appearing on the underside of the stock.  No visible hairline fractures can be seen on the handguard.

Asking price $3999