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Descriptive Statistics: An Islamic Approach

Prob & Stat: An Islamic Approach 

Bayesian Econometrics 

Applied Regression Analysis

This website contains course material for three different parallel and overlapping first courses on econometrics.

Applied Econometrics Sep '14 at PIDE

Visit  APPLIED ECONOMETRICCS BLOG for current notices and further information about course. See also, DHSY website for more detailed explanations of the contents of Lecture 12 on Encompassing and the Hendry Methodology.

VIDEOS for lectures are linked on THIS PAGE
Lecture 1: General Introduction to Course  -- AUDIO for taped lecture.
Lecture 2: Distributions. (lecture + associated materials)
Lecture 4: Regression Models 
Lecture 5: Looking At Data 
Lecture 9: Causality
Lecture 12: Hendry's Methodology - Reading DHSY Paper
Lecture 13: Error Correction Model
Lecture 14: Estimating Consumption Functions