link is searchable by the general public to get a better idea of health care costs by procedure and provider location.


If you are an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Group Plan Employer or Subscriber, you may be eligible for the Compass SmartShopper Program:

Compass SmartShopper

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in New Hampshire and Compass Healthcare Advisers have partnered to help employers and members save money on their health care costs. The Compass SmartShopper program engages members and informs them about the difference in health care costs for common medical procedures (such as MRIs, ultrasounds, mammograms), depending on the location chosen.  Those Anthem members that work with Compass in order to find the lower cost locations are rewarded for making the most cost-effective choices about their care. Watch this short video to learn more about the Compass SmartShopper program and see how employers and members are saving on their health care costs with this innovative program.  launch the video in a new browser window

If you are an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Individual Health Plan Subscriber, you can search the Anthem Care Comparison site.

Here you can choose procedures and providers to get an idea on the costs of the service.  Please note that you will still need to make sure the provider is in-network; lists do not take into account your personal network.

If you are a Harvard Pilgrim member, one of the best ways to prepare for a medical procedure is to learn about hospitals that match your location, situation and preferences, so you can make smart decisions about your treatment.  Working in partnership with WebMD, Harvard Pilgrim provides you with access to online information enabling you to be well-prepared for an upcoming procedure.  Here’s how to get the information you need to compare and prepare:

Visit the “My Health” section of HPHConnect for Members and click on “Compare Hospitals/Prepare for Procedures.”  If you have not yet set up your HPHConnect for Members account, it’s quick and easy to do.  Just visit the “Members” section of our Web site ( and follow the directions.

The WebMD Hospital Advisor will enable you to review hospital information based on cost, safety, patient experience measures and more, including a comparison of:

- The number of procedures performed each year

- The average length of stay

- The relative cost range

- Quality/patient safety practices

- Patient satisfaction