Associate(Tenured) Professor

Department of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Department of Future Convergence Engineering

Engineering Building IV 223, 1223-24 Cheonandaero, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan, 31080, Korea

(31080 충남 천안시 서북구 천안대로 1223-24 기계자동차공학부 4공학관 223호)

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Office : +82-41-521-9260

Fax : +82-41-555-9123

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서영진 (Youngjin Seo) Joined in Sep., 2020

손승익 (Seungik Son) Joined in March, 2019

Lanh Ngoc Trinh, Joined in Sep., 2019

박동규 (Dongkyu Park) Joined in March, 2020

Mang Muan Lian, Joined in Sep., 2020

Mulugeta Gebrekiros Berhe, Joined in Sep., 2020

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백승은 (Seungeun Baek) Joined in Feb., 2018

성민철 (Mincheoul Seong) Joined in July, 2018

한시은(Si-Eun Han) Joined in Sep., 2019

전수빈(Subin Jeon) Joined in July, 2020

김준기(Junki Kim) Joined in December, 2020

신주환(Juhwan Sin) Joined in January, 2021