Welcome! This is Prof. Dongkyoung Lee's research website. 

This is the Advanced Design and Laser Aided Manufacturing (ADLAM) Laboratory. 

My research interest is 1) Fundamental understanding of laser-composite interaction during high power and ultra-fast laser aided manufacturing; 2) Advanced design and manufacturing.

Recent Announcements

  • [Congratulation!] Prof. Dongkyoung Lee appointed as the guest editor of 'Materials' Dongkyoung Lee, a professor of mechanical and automotive engineering at Kongju University, has been appointed as the guest editor of ‘Journal of Materials in MDPI (IF=2.972)’, an authoritative international journal in the field of manufacturing and materials engineering.  This is the result of Professor D. Lee's steady presentation of research papers on the laser manufacturing process over the past ten years, and his outstanding research achievements on the interaction of laser and composites, especially by applying laser cutting technique to cementitious composites.  The guest editor is selected to make a special issue on a specific subject in the journal. "Journal of Materials" will publish a special issue under the theme "Advanced Design for Manufacturing Processes" by the ...
    Posted Jun 25, 2020, 9:51 PM by DK Lee
  • [Congratulation!] Youngjin Seo passed his Master thesis defense On June 9th, 2020, Youngjin Seo, a student of Prof. Dongkyoung Lee team (ADLAMLAB), presented his thesis titled " A Experimental Study on High-Power Laser Cutting of Cement-Based Materials." This paper was 1) investigating the applicability of laser cutting for cement-based materials, 2) observing and analyzing the variation in microstructure of cement-based materials after laser cutting. During Master's Science course, Youngjin Seo achieved 6 journal publications (including 3 SCI-E papers), 25 conference papers, and 2 granted patents. Later, he is going to enter the graduate school of mechanical engineering at Kongju National University as a Ph.D. 
    Posted Jun 18, 2020, 10:18 PM by DK Lee
  • [Congratulation!] Journal paper accepted The paper has been officially accepted for publication. Congratulation!  Youngjin Seo, Dongkyoung Lee*, Sukhoon Pyo*, "High-Power Fiber Laser Cutting for 50-mm-Thick Cement-Based Materials", Materials, 2020, SCI(E)
    Posted Mar 13, 2020, 11:05 PM by Lab Adlam
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