How-To Books

Some of the skills that Aditi Chopra acquired organically are highlighted in her How-To books.

The undergraduate college admission process in the U.S. is highly complicated and competitive. This guide is designed to help you understand various steps and timeline involved in this process. Once you understand the complexities, you will be able to enjoy the process as well as find a college that is a good fit for your child. This book is based on my experiences during applying for my daughter's undergraduate college admission. It has several pointers, resources, and a sample college essay.

Writing fiction can be a challenge for first time writers. Aditi Chopra has gone through the painful process of learning how to write fiction and more importantly how to market it.

In this practical guide, Aditi shares her experience and knowledge of the creative process as well as tips on packaging and marketing fiction books. This book is available on Amazon as paperback and eBook.

"How to Succeed as a Process Professional" is a practitioner's guide. This BPM guide provides practical insights into challenges faced by process professionals and how to overcome them to attain success. By reading this book, you will understand the psychology behind people's resistance to process and therefore master change management. Paperback is available on Amazon and the Kindle version of this book is also available in many countries.

Author's popular guide on Real Estate investment is written from her personal experiences and is full of real life scenarios. This book is designed to answer all questions that a beginner has before entering the lucrative Real Estate investment market. Checklists, resources and various rules of thumb in this book enhance the reading experience as well. This book is now available in the Amazon bookstore. Kindle edition of this book is available in USA and many other countries. Order your copy of the book today to realize your real estate dreams.