I have graduated with a PhD in Sociology from Lancaster University in 2007 and currently work as Research Fellow at the Department of Anthropoogy, the University of Manchester. My work lies at the intersection of queer theory, anti-colonial and feminist scholarship, migration and diaspora and cybercultures/digital media; the common thread in all of my work is my interest in violence – its affective economy and its cultural imageries, its seductive power and its bargaining value. I am especially interested in political effects of living with violence as a perpetrator, a spectator, a bystander, and a complicit colonial settler. I have researched and written on queer racisms in Israel-Palestine; on digital horizons of post-Soviet diaspora, and also on feelings and affect in digital cultures. Currently, I am working on digital cultures and the Israel-Palestinian conflict, where I constantly move between ‘grand’ issues (militarism, war atrocities, occupation) and questions of mundaneity of violence, its ordinariness, and those structures of feelings that make extreme cruelty not only acceptable and livable with, but attractive and entertaining.

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