Research Interests

Asset pricing / Corporate finance / Macro-finance / Sovereign credit risk / Fintech

My research is at the juncture of asset pricing, corporate finance, and macro-finance. Current interests are oriented toward developing theoretical and empirical approaches to demonstrate how macroeconomic conditions can improve our understanding of issues in asset pricing and corporate finance (CV).

Working Papers

Sovereign Risk Premia and Global Macroeconomic Conditions, 2020, with S. Andrade and A. Jeanneret.

R&R at the Journal of Financial Economics

  • Presented at AEA 2020, NFA 2019, Asset Pricing Workshop at the University of York 2019, EFA 2016, Conference of the Swiss Society for Financial Market Research 2016, University of Cambridge, HEC Montreal and McGill University.

What Drives the Expected Return on a Stock: Short-Run or Long-Run Risk? 2020, with C. Dorion and A. Jeanneret.

  • Best paper in Investment, Semi-finalist, FMA

  • Presented at FMA 2019, Belgian Financial Research Forum 2018, French Finance Association Meeting 2018, HEC-McGill Doctoral Workshop 2017, Babson College, CUHK, HEC Liege, HEC Montreal, University of Sherbrooke, Laval University, University of Cambridge, and University of Toronto.

Governance Risk and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns. (2021).

  • Best paper in Corporate Finance, Semi-finalist, FMA

  • Presented at Financial Markets & Corporate Governance Conference (2021), French Finance Association Meeting (2021, Scheduled), FMA 2020, Cambridge (University) Finance Workshop, and University of Liverpool.

  • Out-of-sample analysis: Entrenchment index 2007-2018.

  • Slides

Work in Progress

Are Cryptocurrencies Priced in the Cross-section? A portfolio Approach, with K. Assamoi

  • Presented at Global Finance Conference (2021, Scheduled).

Managerial commitment and long-term firm value

Agency conflicts and cost of equity

Long-term economic outlook and equity prices

Is debt financing by firms good for economic growth?

Are cryptocurrencies priced in the cross-section? A portfolio approach