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A WiFi-Controlled VFO

ESP_WiFi_VFO.ino sets up the ESP8266 to create a wireless access point and serve a simple web page, which provides a minimal controller for the AD9834 to act as a Variable Frequency Oscillator, of the sort which might form the basis of an HF radio.

The code will start an access point on a network called 'm0xpd Kanga DDS xxxx' ...

where 'xxxx' is specific to your particular board.

To join the network, use the Password 'password'.

You can change this password in the source code once you've downloaded it, if you're bothered about 'security'...

Once you've joined the network, open a browser and navigate to the VFO's 'home page' at

You'll see the frequency at which the DDS is set, and hyperlinks which allow you to adjust that frequency - or switch between four amateur bands (and one, continuous, unrestricted 'signal generator' range).

This is an intentionally simple demonstration of controlling the m0xpd / Kanga ESP8266 - AD9834 board over a web server. You might like to consider other options for exploiting the connectivity which the board provides between the DDS (and other components) and other wireless devices.