Working Papers

  1. " Family-Level Responses to the Introduction of Tax-Free Savings Accounts" [Revised and Resubmitted, Canadian Journal of Economics]

  2. Permanent and Transitory Responses to Capital Gains Taxes: Evidence from a Lifetime Exemption in Canada (with Alisa Tazhitdinova)

Journal Articles

  1. "Minimum Wage Policy with Optimal Taxes and Unemployment" Journal of Public Economics 190, 104228.

    • Link to published version (October 2020): here

  2. "Long-run Effects from Comprehensive Student Support: Evidence from Pathways to Education" (with Philip Oreopoulos and Robert S. Brown) American Economic Review: Insights 2(2), 209-224, 2020.

  3. "Do 'catch-up limits' raise retirement saving? Evidence from a regression discontinuity design." National Tax Journal 71(1), 121-154, 2018.

  4. "Pathways to Education: An Integrated Approach to Helping At-Risk High School Students." (with Philip Oreopoulos and Robert S. Brown) Journal of Political Economy 125(4), 947-984, 2017.

Non-Refereed Publications

  1. "Behavioral Economics of Education: Progress and Possibilities." (with Heidi Liu and Philip Oreopoulos) in Handbook of Economics of Education Volume 5, edited by E.A. Hanushek, S. Machin and L. Woessmann, Elsevier, 1-74, 2016.

  2. "Evaluating Student Performance in Pathways to Education." (with Philip Oreopoulos and Robert S. Brown) C.D. How Institute E-Brief 203. January 2015.

In Progress

  1. "Minimum Wage Responses in Multi-Earner Households"

  2. "The Welfare Consequences of Income Taxation with Savings Incentives and Optimization Frictions" (with Derek Messacar and Alisa Tazhitdinova)

  3. Impacts of the Pathways to Education Program on Postsecondary Education Outcomes (with Philip Oreopoulos and Nicolas Perrault)