As Bodhicharya Publications, we record, transcribe, edit and publish Ringu Tulku Rinpoche's teachings in written format. Under his guidance and inspiration, two series have been developed: the Lazy Lama series and the Heart Wisdom series. They are available as small A6 pocket books (Lazy Lama's) and the small book format A5 Heart Wisdom series. Soon all these will be available as e-books as well. We are a not-for-profit organisation and most work is given free of charge so that any funds generated go directly to humanitarian and educational projects.

Ringu Tulku is a Tibetan Buddhist master of the Kagyu lineage. He is much appreciated for his clear transmission of Tibet's timeless, Buddhist teachings to a contemporary Western audience, having spent more than twenty years travelling and teaching throughout Europe and America. His voice speaks easily to busy Westerners, at this time when we seek to reconnect with simplicity, unconditional love and true freedom.

Details of the books we have produced can be found on the Bodhicharya website.