Ultra Hi-Fi Digital Audio

HD Audio DAC project based on the highly acclaimed ESS Sabre32 series. This project uses the the flagship ES9018 chip that has the highest performance 32-bit Audio technology. Professionally built with the highest quality parts.
Built and supported for personal DIY/Hobby use only. Commercial use, duplication or distribution in any form is not permitted without license agreement.

Products and services by Ackolabs Pty Ltd, Australia

General Enquiries:

New Release:
AKD12P MKII - 100MHz 2CH DAC Module
-best possible DAC, cost-no-object!

-ES9018 DAC Chip in stereo mode 
-1GHz Rogers board, 2oz copper, Gold finish
-6GHz U.FL coax headers for digital inputs
-2CH I2S, DSD and TTL Spdif inputs
-up to 1.5MHz sampling rate
-Stereo or Dual Mono operation
-Synchronous or Asynchronous operation
-Optimized direct connections. No jumpers, switches or links
-Separate power supply inputs with on-board filters and regulators. (Unaffected by long supply leads)
-Low noise LDOs for Digital power
-Precision ultra-pure supply for Analog power (<1uV rms noise)
-Options for mounting 3-Term Regs for Analog power.
-Options for mounting additional high performance components 
-Simple setup. Can be powered by a single 5V master supply or better still separate supplies for Analog and Digital sections
-Requires external Master Clock (via U.FL connector) or mount XO (e.g.  Crystek CCHD575 series or other 5x7mm types)
-Requires External controller (AKC12, HIFIDUINO or equiv.)
-Voltage or Current Output mode
-Requires External IV for current mode drive (e.g AKV12 or transformers)
-User's Manual and support information provided
-Supplied as shown. Options are extra at cost

Unit Price USD 485.00 
- In Stock

DAC Controller AKC-12 MKII

-Full Control of DAC module via on-board switches, memory or remote control
-High performance MCU with NV flash memory for 'soft' switches and
 settings (all registers). 
-ESS Digital Volume Control
-Remote Control of DAC module via PC, iPads* or similar devices.
 (View/Set all registers)
-OS & hardware independent Comms API.
-Low-level I2C comms or easy to use high level functions
-Mono/Stereo. Controls up to two DACs automatically
-Panel Mountable
-Supported Devices: 9012, 9018(stereo) and 9016(stereo) 
-Assembled and Tested
-User's Manual with support info supplied
Unit Price: USD 120.00 
In Stock

*iPads or similar devices can be connected directly or using WiFi module AKW802.  Suitable connectors and App required (not supplied). 

Synchronous 2CH USB-I2S/DSD Audio Module-AKU384 (NEW)

-HiRes, Bit-Perfect 32bits I2S - 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k, 176.4k, 192k, 352.8k and 384k
-DSD 64,128,256 and 512
-Based on Amanero and AKL-S03 Digital Isolator/Re-Clocker
-Buffered Outputs on micro coax (u.fl) headers
-Drives ESS DACs in 'Turbo' Sync mode for the highest performance
-All separate low-noise power supply and filters on board.
-Ultra pure 3.3V supply (<1uv rms noise) for Oscillator section. Options for external supply from batteries, etc
-I2C Port for reading sample rates directly from transport
-Requires external master supply (5-12V d.c)
-FR4/Teflon-Rogers board options
-Selection of finest components
-Assembled and tested
-Unit Price: USD 295
- Available April 2014

AKV12 - Stereo IV Module-  RCA, XLR and Balanced Headphone drive Outputs 
-Converts differential current output of DAC to Single-Ended and Balanced Voltage Outputs
-High Speed, Ultra-Low Distortion design
-High quality Rogers PCB
-Full dynamic range of DAC output.
-Direct connections to DAC unit- (gold plated connectors).
-Precision metal film resistors, Nichicon Muse and PP Films Caps
-On-board Phono connectors and headers
-Balanced direct drive of high performance headphones (two hot outputs, driven in opposite directions (R+ & R- and L+ & L-).
-Pop-free Outputs (power ON/OFF)
-On-board High speed, ultra-low noise Regs
-Options to mount/connect other 3-Term Regs/Shunts
-Assembled and tested
Unit Price: USD 580.00 
        Product under development, subject to changes. Availability -April 2014

Master Power Supply AKPSU

-Dual output Low Noise PSU module
-Connects directly to DAC module and tuned to match
-Based on LT1763 20uV noise LDOs
-High speed schottky rectifiers
-Low noise Toroidal Mains Transformers
-LCRC filters and low ESR capacitors with PP film bypass caps

Price: USD 180

Integrated Combo AKD12-CB Series
-DAC module, Controller, TURBO Master Clock, Regulators and Master PSU all integrated on a single RF grade Teflon board.
-384KHz Amanero USB Transport with I2S and DSD Audio
-192KHz Spdif/AES
-Ultra-pure low noise regulators for Analog and Oscillator sections (<1uV rms specs)
-Simplifies setup and connection. All wiring on board.
-Copper plane provides high performance shielding
-Assembled and tested. Ready to run. Simply connect to mains transformer (9V-9V 10VA) x2 and power up
-Requires external IV stage.e.g AKV series(plug-in), tube, D1 etc + psu
-For Dual Mono setup -duplicate & stack
-Dimensions: 242mm x 250mm

PN: AKD12-CB-5
Unit Price: USD 1,850
Built to order ~6-8wks



-110 ohm Studio Grade AES/EBU or 75 ohm commercial Spdif Input (select options)
-High performance fully differential input processing
-LVTTL (3.3V) Spdif output on micro coax (w.fl) headers
-High speed, low jitter shielded transformer isolation (Type:Scientific Conversion) -192KHz
-On-board low-noise regs and filters
-5V Power
-Connects to DAC using w.fl coax cable.
-Assembled and tested
-Built to Order: ~4wks 
Unit Price: USD 140.00 
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New - AKD12P MKII -The most musically advanced DAC!

-ES9018 -2CH DAC 
-High frequency, impedance controlled Teflon-Rogers pcb
-Gold-over-Silver plating
-Selection of finest components
-lots of options ....
-Anodized "Lapis lazuli" finish
Made in Australia


AckoDAC 8CH DAC Module - AKD18

-ES9018 chip
-Full 8 Channels for 7.1 Surround Sound Applications or Digital XO
-Also possible, 1, 2, 4 or 6-CH modes
-Teflon board,.
-Requires External Controller (AKC18) 
-Requires External HDMI Decoder (AKM) or 8CH I2S/DSD source
-Requires External power 3.3V & 1.2V (e.g AKR)
-Requires External IV (AKV-8 or equiv)
-Built to Order: ~4wks
-Unit Price: USD 375

8CH DAC Controller - AKC18 

-As AKC12 but with 8CH VOL and Master VOL
-Full remote control
-9018 and 9016 DACs
-Built to Order: ~2wks
-Unit Price: USD 148

Integrated Combo

DAC, Controller, 8-CH USB audio (EXA2UI, XMOS or USBPAL) and power supplies all integrated on-board (Teflon pcb)
-Requires external 8CH IV
PN: AKD12-CB-58
Price: Enquire

Multi-Channel IV Module - AKV-8 (NEW)
-Balanced (XLR) outputs



Digital Isolator & Synchronous Re-clocker

e.g. connection to Amanero

-High Speed Galvanic Isolation with -Synchronous or Asynchronous re-clocking.capability
-Physically matches and interacts with the Amanero USB-I2S but could also be used with other transports or similar application where isolation and re-clocking is required. 
-No signal processing. Takes any digital signal irrespective of formats I2S, DSD etc. 
-Ultra-low jitter Dual Synchronous Audio Clock (e.g 98.304MHz/90.3168MHz, 49.152Mhz/45.1532MHz etc)
-Clean, bit-perfect outputs w.r.t. reference Clocks
-Schematic, BOM and support information provided  

Empty board only. No components mounted or supplied.             
In Stock
-Unit Price: USD 25 

9023 DAC Products

AKD23 Board 
-ES9023 DAC board
-Joachim Gerhard Filter-Buffer circuit integrated
-I2S inputs on U.FL coax 
-MCLK on U.FL coax. External clock required
-RCA or header Outputs
-Flexible output options: after DAC, Filter or Buffer
-PP film or smd caps
-BOM + schematic
-Power requirements: external 3.6V for DAC and +/-15V for Filter
-NEG 3.6V option for DAC (symmetrical supplies-no charge pump)
-Bare board (FR4) only. No components mounted or supplied

In Stock
-Unit Price: USD 35 

9016 DAC Products
9016 DAC - AKD16

-DAC Board (FR4) with 9016 chip mounted-2CH Mode
-Add the rest as required
-Requires external controller (e.g. AKC12)
-Requires external power:3.3V Analog, 3.3V Digital, 1.2V Core (e.g AKR47VH series)
-Requires external IV and Master Clock
-u.fl coax Digital Inputs.
-Re-mapped Inputs for stereo I2S/DSD and 2CH Spdif (TTL)
-Supplied with schematic and BOM
In Stock
-Unit Price: USD 65 

Balanced Output IV Board- AKV-XLR

(e.g assy)

-Set of 2 boards for stereo
-Physically matches the AKD16 board
-Balanced outputs using precision differential OpAmps (OPA1632) circuit.
-Requires external dual or bipolar power 9-15V
-Empty boards only. No components mounted or supplied.
-Schematic, BOM and support information provided

In Stock
-Unit Price: USD 50 (set of 2 boards)

Power Supply Products

AKR47VH  Super Regulator 

-High Speed, Ultra-Low Noise, 3-Terminal LDO Regulator
-Any output from 1.8V to 30V
-Wide input supply range (3-36V)
-up to 1A output with 0.3V dropout
-5uV rms noise, typical @5V
-On-board input filters and decouplers - unaffected by long supply leads
-Unique ground plane heatsink*
-Vertical or horizontal mounting, standard 3-Term 78xx pinouts
-30mm x 20mm
-Available in standard outputs: 1.8V, 3.3V, 3.6V, 4V, 5V, 6V, 9V,12V, 15V, 24V
-Custom outputs possible
-Assembled and tested
-Built to order ~1wk

*load currents >200mA or high input-output voltages require additional heatsinking

In Stock
-Unit Price: USD 35
Select Output
*Enter Custom Output Value

Trafos Boards

15/25VA Single Toroidal Transfromer Board

                                                   e.g. Assembly

-High performance Single Toroidal Transformer board
Supplied as empty boards only. Suitable for 15VA or 25VA pcb toroids
-62mm x 80mm

In Stock
-Unit Price: USD 25

15/25VA Dual Toroidal Transfromer Board

                                                                   e.g. Assembly

-High performance Dual Toroidal Transformer board
Supplied as empty boards only. Suitable for 15VA or 25VA pcb toroids
-124mm x 80mm

In Stock
-Unit Price: USD 35

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