Ultra Hi-Fi Digital Audio

HD Audio project based on the highly acclaimed ESS Sabre32 series. This project uses the latest flagship ES9038PRO chip that has the highest performance 32-bit Audio technology. Professionally built with the highest quality parts.
Built and supported for personal DIY/Hobby use only. Commercial use, duplication or distribution in any form is not permitted without license agreement. For commercial versions please go to ACKOLABS

Products and services by Ackolabs Pty Ltd, Australia

General Enquiries:

AKD32 - DAC Module based on ES9038PRO

No compromise design. Pro-Audio Quality. Exceptional Performance!

-NEW! The latest ESS 9038PRO-based DAC in stereo, mono or multi-channel mode 
-I2S/DSD --  PCM up to 768KHz and DSD512
-Spdif (TTL) 192KHz. Requires Coax or TOSLINK receiver (not included)
-Optimized direct connections. No jumpers, switches or links in signal paths.
-4 layer, Gold Plated board.
-Truly modular design with options to mix and match as desired
-On-board low phase noise clock for Asynchronous operation.
-Options for external Master Clock.e.g for Synchronous operation (AKL-S03 required)
-All separate power supply points. Require 3.3V x5 and 1.2V x3 external supplies (e.g. AKR75 series or equivalent)
-Voltage or Current Output mode
-Requires External IV for current mode drive (e.g AKV32 or transformers) -  (not included)
-Full Control of DAC module via on-board switches, memory or remote control.
-High performance MCU with NV flash memory for 'soft' switches and
 settings (all registers). 
-Lossless Digital Volume Control
-Remote Control options of DAC via PCs, Tablets, SBCs or SmartPhones. Web/IoT capable

 (View/Set all registers)
-OS & hardware independent Comms API.
-Low-level I2C comms or easy to use high level functions
-Mono/Stereo. Controls up to two DACs automatically
-Master control option of other connected devices
-User's Manual and comprehensive support information provided. For 9038PRO datasheet please contact ESS directly
-Supplied as shown. Options are extra at cost.

*design subject to changes for improvements. Final product may look different from what is shown.
* DAC requires proper power supplies for operation.


1. AKD32S  Stereo DAC

2. AKD32M  Dual Mono DAC

3. AKD38  Multi-channel DAC 

- Built to order  only ~lead time 6-8 wks

AKV32 Pure Class A Output Stage
Coming Soon .....

AKX-S03   Digital Isolator & Re-clocker - Synchronous Master Clock

e.g. connection to Amanero

-High Speed Galvanic Isolation with -Synchronous or Asynchronous re-clocking.capability
-Physically matches and interacts with the Amanero USB-I2S but can also be used with other transports or similar application where isolation and re-clocking are required e.g:

-No signal processing. Takes any digital signal irrespective of formats I2S, DSD etc. 
-Ultra-low jitter Audio Clocks
-External clock option =>  More ...
-All buffered outputs with high drive capability
-GHz rated switching components
-Clean, bit-perfect outputs w.r.t. reference Clocks
-Direct connection to most DACs
-Drives AKD32 series DACs in full synchronous mode

-Users Guide and Support Information Provided
-Assembled and Tested.  (Test Certificate provided)           
- Built-to-order ~2-3 wks

For more advanced products go to 

Pop Buster 

-Pop Eliminator for Power ON/OFF events in audio systems
-Connects at any stages of DAC, Buffer, Preamp or Amplifier outputs
-Shunt relay action - Not in signal path.
-Connects up to two outputs per module, balanced or unbalanced signals
-Instructions provided

-Built to Order: ~1-2wks
-Unit Price: USD 65

AKD32P -The most musically advanced DAC!

-ES9038PRO -2CH DAC 
-High frequency, impedance controlled Teflon-Rogers pcb
-Gold plating
-Selection of finest components
-Manually soldered using low thermal stress, high conductivity Silver Alloy
-Engineered to perfection!
-lots of options ....


MISC. Products

BBB-DSD Interface Adapter Module

-I2S and DSD outputs, auto-switching
-Safe and reliable shutdown upon mains power loss (LiPo 3.7V Battery required - connect to BBB battery terminal
-Mounts on P9 connnector of BBB => [Pic])
-Isolated I2C port (Options for I2C control of External Devices e.g DACs)
-Connections to S03 using U.FL coax or header =>  [Pic]

-Users Guide and Support Information Provided
-Assembled and Tested.  
*design subject to changes. Final product may look different from what is shown. 
-Unit Price: USD 165
Built-to-order only - Lead time ~3-4wks


Power Supply Products

High performance audio grade designs

AKR75 Super Regulator 

-Ultra-Low Noise, High PSSR 3-Terminal LDO Regulator
-Any output from 1.2V to 15V
-Wide input supply range (4.5-16V).
>90dB PSSR
-Suitable for direct connection to unregulated dc supplies. 
No pre-regulation required
-up to 800mA output @ 0.6V dropout*
-1uV rms noise, typical @3.3V
-On-board input filters and decouplers - unaffected by long supply leads. 
-Self contained design. Direct connection to load and supply. No additional I/O components required
-Thermal paths on ground plane itself. No bulky heatsinks required**
-Vertical, horizontal or in-line mounting, standard 3-Term 78xx pinouts (pins not mounted but supplied)
-Available in standard outputs: 1.2V, 1.8V, 3.3V, 3.6V, 4V, 5V, 6V, 9V,12V and 15V 
-Custom outputs possible
-Assembled and tested
-Compact size: 16mm x 37mm
*design subject to changes. Final product may look different from what is shown.

* 200mA max for 1.2V and 6V-15V version

**load currents >200mA or high input-output voltages require additional heatsinking
External Heatsink-Mountable
In Stock

Trafos Boards

15/25VA Single Toroidal Transfromer Board

                                                   e.g. Assembly

-High performance Single Toroidal Transformer board
Supplied as empty boards only. Suitable for 15VA or 25VA pcb toroids
-62mm x 80mm

In Stock
-Unit Price: USD 25

15/25VA Dual Toroidal Transfromer Board

                                                                   e.g. Assembly

-High performance Dual Toroidal Transformer board
Supplied as empty boards only. Suitable for 15VA or 25VA pcb toroids
-124mm x 80mm

In Stock
-Unit Price: USD 35

Super Audio PSU

High Capacity Ultra-low Noise

-High Performance Dual Independent dc outputs, 
-Fixed outputs (any output from 1.2V to 24V options) and up to 1A continuous load current option
-Ultra-low noise 1.6uV @3.3V, >
90db PSSR
-Low noise toroidal transformer (detachable)
-High speed schottky rectifier, low ESR Capacitor bank (12,000uf) and Polypropylene filter capacitors
-can be configured for dual or bipolar outputs

- Built to order ~2wks

Triple Output Ultra-low Noise

-Low power Triple Independent dc outputs, 
-Fixed outputs (any output from 1.2V to 24V options)
-Ultra-low noise 1.6uV @3.3V, >90db PSSR
-Up to 400mA continuous load current. Up to 1A peak, non-
-Unique ground plane heatsink
-High speed schottky rectifier, low ESR Filter Capacitors  and Polypropylene bypass capacitors
-Connect to external mains transformers, batteries or switch-mode power supplies

- Built to order ~2wks

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