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Development Economics: Micro Approach

To get the Syllabus, click here [Syllabus]

NEW: There will be an additional lecture on the 30th November to make-up for the missed scheduled lecture of the 26th October at the same classroom period 1 .

Reminders :
Please decide about your class presentation date and term paper topics by the end of 26th October. To discuss about the topics, please talk with me before or after the class or send me an email.

Lecture 1: Concepts of Development
Lecture 2: Indicators of Development
Lecture 3: Measuring Poverty and Inequality
Lecture 5: Education
Lecture 6: Health

Lecture 7: Agriculture Transformation

Lecture 8: Access to Credit
Lecture 9: Migration and Urbanization
Lecture 10: Informal sector and Seasonal Migration
Lecture 11: Environment and Development