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Welcome to 'A Brief History of Timelessness'.

This site, the eBook, and you-tube videos, are all
about the possibility that 'Time'
is just a mistaken idea, and absolutely does not exist.

Instead it is suggested that perhaps things in the universe just exist, move, and change 'now'... With no 'past' ever existing in anyway whatsoever... and no 'Future' ever being headed into.

The main issue this work examines is the fact that wherever you or I think we are talking about something called 'The Past', we are always only ever actually talking about something we recollect in our minds. And, while the contents of our minds seem to suggest it is 'obvious' there is 'a past', this work shows how this is almost certainly not the case.

From there we see that if 'the past' does not actually, really, exist in anyway at all whatsoever... (other than as an idea in our minds...) then there is also no reason to think 'the future' actually really exists either.

Thus, if 'the past' and 'the future' do not actually exist, and are just useful ideas, it is shown that instead we may just be in a world full of moving and changing matter, which, wrongly gi
ves us the false impression that there is also a thing called time.

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Timelessness Talk Videos

"A Brief History of Timelessness"

Live talks at

Captain Taylors coffee house

18 South Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1LL

August 13-26th  2:30 pm

(Time does not exist but don't be too far away for the talk)


Talks 'previously' at...

'The Lion and Unicorn Theatre'


August 1st to August 12th 2012

The Lion and Unicorn Theatre

42-44 Gaisford St, Kentish Town, NW5 2ED

Previously at Kiss The Sky Bar Hampstead.

Do you think it is obvious that Time exists?

If so, have you ever actually asked yourself..

"What if things don't move and change -over time- but instead things 'just' move and change?...
would that be enough to re-explain everything that we attribute to 'Time'?"

My guess is you probably haven't.

This site examines these questions it detail, and proves that everything we attribute to the existence of time, from our 'memories' to Relativity, can be fully explained in a way that is completely Timeless.

So please check out some pages, view a few videos, use the Search box, and feel free to Email me with any 'Timeless' questions - especially ones you think I may not be able to answer.

Matt Welcome (Matt Marsden).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about Timelessness (or Time) Email

“For we convinced physicists, the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, however persistent.”

Albert Einstein.

'Time' is the most commonly used noun in the English language, but does time even exist ?

Do you think it's fairly obvious 'Time' doesn't really exist, but is just a useful man made idea? Me too. But according to a quick internet search, a lot of people think Time is both real, and mysterious, 

and many Scientists and lay people alike think it's so real we might even be able to 'travel thorough time'. 

So does time really exist - or not ?

This site intends to show scientifically how Time does not exist at all, other than as a useful idea, and how instead,  'just matter, moving and interacting 'now' ' can explain everything that we observe and attribute to 'time'. Leaving the universe still pretty mysterious, but also Timeless.

(Click diagram To See 'The Mad Scientist Paradox' - without Time.)

Space, light, objects, mass and rates of change may all be 'warped' and 'Dilated' by gravity.
But does this mean that 'Time' also 'exists' - and 'passes' from a 'future' to a 'past'?

Do you think it's obvious that 'Time' exists? If so, have you ever wondered why it's always 'now'? 

Or do you think its obvious that mankind just made up the idea of time because it's a useful notion? If so why do you think a Google search on the obviously illogical notion of "'Time travel" returns 'About 12,000,000 results' ? And, do you realise that you may be disagreeing with experts such as Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and Hawking ?

This web page is about my book 'A Brief History of Timelessness' which sets out to fully explain how, and why, there is no such thing as 'Time' in the universe at all - other than as a notion. Why yesterday is only a memory and tommorrow just an idea, and why it's only ever 'now'.

To do this, my book asks a fundamental question that most if not all books on Time seem to have missed. The question is...

If things in the world could just exist, and move, and interact, would this be enough to explain all that we observe, and attribute to time?

In other words, while we assume that the state of the world around us clearly shows us that things 'move and change over time', perhaps things 'just move and change'. The idea that they move and change over time comes primarily as we look at our own memories. But close inspection shows that all our memories really prove is that matter can exist, move and change. 

Careful examination of the facts shows that while we think that extra to our memories there is also 'another' record of 'past' events created as they happen 'over time', this can be seen to be unfounded. If we can see that 'the past' is never created and never exists as anything other than an idea - then logically our view of 'time' has to change dramatically, as we consider that perhaps 'it' is always just 'now'.

'Timelessness' is written by Matthew Marsden, also known as 'Matt Welcome', currently looking for a literary agent and/or publisher to work with.

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∆ Professor Hawking's Mad Scientist Paradox - without Time. A reinterpretation of a famous thought experiment - with a lot of diagrams for ease of reading.

and here....

>> Timelessness In One Page.          (An attempt at a concise description of the observations and reasoning leading to the conclusion Time is unfounded for the scientifically experienced).

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