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3D Printing

During the summer of 2013, we investigated how to use a 3D printer, applying mathematical ideas to data sets to print a variety of objects.  Links on this page will lead you to a primer that we have written on 3D printing for mathematics professors and their students.  In the primer, we will describe a number of projects that can be completed with a 3D printer.  For many of the projects, we utilize Mathematica to design objects that mathematicians may be interested in printing. Included in the projects that are described is a method to acquire data from an XBox Kinect.

Links from REU 2013:

3D Printing the MAA Logo's Icosohedron

A Brief Selection of Interesting Mathematically-Connected 3D Printing Links

David Austin's Feature Column on the construction of the extruder path from the STL file.

Francesco de Comité's homepage (using several programming languages (Java+ImageJ), or software tools with programming facilities (Povray, Blender))

Bathsheba Grossman (inspired by math)

  -- Melissa Sherman-Bennett, Sylvanna Krawczyk, and Prof. Edward Aboufadel.