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3D Printing Papers and Projects (Prof. Edward Aboufadel)

Papers and Projects

"3D Printing Projects for Math Majors" -- recorded talk by E. Aboufadel at the 2016 SIAM Conference on Applied Mathematics Education

(by Zachary Ash, Fall 2016)
Mapping Images onto Solids in Mathematica

(by E. Aboufadel, Summer 2016)
(by E. Aboufadel, Summer 2015)

(by E. Aboufadel, 2014-16)
(by Lindsay Czap, Fall 2014)

(by E. Aboufadel, Summer 2014)

3D Printing an Octohedron                          
Related File:  Alternative version "Octohedron Skeleton" in OPENSCAD (Zip file)

(by E. Aboufadel, Winter 2014)
3D Printing the MAA Logo's Icosohedron
Supporting Files:  Mathematica file
Large icosohedron file
Small icosohedron file

(by Melissa Sherman-Bennett, Sylvanna Krawczyk, and E. Aboufadel, Summer 2013)
During the summer of 2013, Melissa Sherman-Bennett, Sylvanna Krawczyk, and Prof. Edward Aboufadel investigated how to use a 3D printer, applying mathematical ideas to data sets to print a variety of objects.  They wrote a primer on 3D printing for mathematics professors and their students (link available below).  In the primer is the description of a number of projects that can be completed with a 3D printer.  For many of the projects, Mathematica is used to design objects that mathematicians may be interested in printing. Included in the projects that are described is a method to acquire data from an XBox Kinect.

Talk to the Hand:  Creating a 3D Print From Photographs

September 2016:  Enhancing Mathematical Learning Experiences with 3D Printing -- Session at the 2016 SIAM Conference on Applied Mathematics Education:  Part I, Part II.

Laura Taalman's MakerHome blog -- A mathematics professor created a 3D print every day for a year.

Using "2.5D pyramids" (by Richard Zhang)

David Austin's Feature Column on the construction of the extruder path from the STL file.

Francesco de Comité's homepage (using several programming languages (Java+ImageJ), or software tools with programming facilities (Povray, Blender))

David Bachman's 3D printing pages

Gregor Luetolf's "Gem Komplett" (a single object which contains all the Archimedean and Catalan solids). More here.

3D-printed parabola manipulative (by Matthew Peterson)