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Li Tailiang

Li Tailiang currently teaches in the New York area.  He spent the formative years of his life in Shanxi province where he learned Xingyiquan and Baguazhangfrom his father, Li Shiquan.  He also learned Dai style Xinyiquan from Wang Yinghai (王映海) [also known as Tao Yuanzi], as well as Baguazhang from Zhang Fungjing (who taught a style of bagua that pre-dates Dong Haichuan).  Li Tailiang also later became a closed door disciple of Wang Rongtang 王荣堂 (whose bagua descends from Dong Haichuan through Cheng Tinghua and Yang Mingshan 杨明山). 

Li Tailiang was selected to join the Beijing Sports University of Physical Education in the Wushu Department to study San Shou and various forms of martial arts, including bagua, taiji, pao quan, western boxing and modern wushu.  His instructors included Professor Zhang Wenguang.  Li Tailiang developed special expertise in San Shou, winning the National Chinese Martial Arts Competition in San Shou and the National Police Combat Competition.  After retiring from competition, he went on to become the first coach of the Beijing San Shou team.  He also instructed Chinese Special Police forces and was the head coach for the Shaolin Temple's San Shou program, as well as having served as the National San Shou Competition's chief referee. He has published numerous books and articles on martial arts in his native China.

As a result of his extensive and unique experience in traditional and modern martial arts, he has developed a system called Xinyi Dao (心意道)
 which integrates Dai Style Xinyi and Xingyiquan as well as training elements used in San Shou into a powerful and effective fighting style.