I am looking for students having strong motivation and dedication in research work. Currently, in my research work, I am planning to focus on different recently-proposed and recently-developed topics in wireless networking, security, transportation, and quantum computing. Nonetheless, any new topic, proposed by the students, will be more than welcome!

The following ones highlight some probable research topics of my interest at different levels of study:

  • 5G and beyond
  • IoT and its security
  • Road traffic simulation and road safety
  • Space simulator
  • Satellite data mining
  • Cell development real data mining
  • Educational and health data mining
  • Earthquake detection and prediction
  • Quantum computing and networking
  • User identification for pervasive devices
  • Emotion detection and creation¬†
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Energy-efficient distributed systems
  • Body sensing systems
  • Nanonetworking - issues and aspects
  • Complex traffic optimization¬†
  • Secured transportation on road, rail, and air
  • Computing solutions for disables
  • Beyond AI

Students having a background in Computer Engineering or Computer Science or Electrical Engineering (studying in/above the second year in respective undergraduate program) are welcome in working with me. Besides, I am open in working with students in other academic fields such as Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics, etc.

NOTE: I am NOT interested in research having only motivation for publishing papers. Rather, my interest is on having impacts on real life and civilization.

Please email me, mentioning "Research interest" in the subject of your email, if you are interested in working with me.

My OWN theme: "Let's try to lead the leaders, otherwise, there could be a high chance of ending up with following the followers."