My name is Antonin Bergeaud, I am an associate professor in the Economic Department of HEC Paris

I am also a research affiliate at the CEPR, at the Centre for Economic Performance at the LSE and at the Innovation Lab at Collège de France.

You can contact me by email and follow me on twitter: @a_bergeaud

You can find my resume here, it is updated less often that this website

Recent news

September 2022: New Draft

The Rise of China’s Technological Power: the Perspective from Frontier Technologies (with C Verluise)

June 2022: New working paper

Patents that Match your Standards: Firm-level Evidence on Competition and Growth (with J. Schmidt and R. Zago)

April 2022: New dataset

Public release of the PatentCity Database (see description paper)

March 2022: Paper Accepted

in Review of Economics and Statistics The Heterogeneous Impact of Market Size on Innovation: Evidence from French Firm-Level Exports (with P. Aghion, M. Lequien and M. Melitz)