ABC Internationale of ABQ



ABCI is in the business of helping others to achieve individual, organizational and community financial self sufficiency through sustainable economic development..., one person, one business at a time.

We train, guide and mentor, often housing you and your business to address personal, business or work related challenges, obstacles and opportunities, equipping you with resources and results that are both practical and sustainable, in a safe, supportive, ‘hands-on’, diversified, business environment defined as a “small business incubator” !!! (while listening aggressively to find the keys that can develop and convert your hopes, dreams, and plans, into tangible, sustainable economic realities !!!)

ABC Internationale is the nonprofit outgrowth of ABC Internationale Transportation Services, originally founded by David A. Seville in April 1969 at 3330 Jefferson Blvd., in Los Angeles, California.

The founder, David Aaron Seville, was born into a nuclear family of entrepreneurs, and quickly realized in childhood, the enormity of challenges the small business owner faces on a never ending basis.

By the time he had reached his teens, the committment and mold for his life's path was set in stone within his mind and heart; he would devote his life to the mission and purpose of "helping others"..., by becoming trained, educated, seasoned and qualified to assist, guide, mentor and problem solve for any individual with the dream, drive, hope and determination to create and establish their own successful business career, endeavor or small business project entity.

Over the forty-plus years of the ABC Concept's continued evolution, American Border Commerce Internationale has continued service to individuals and businesses throughout the Southwest Border region, on both sides of the US/MX border.

The company focus and mission has always been that of a "social enterprise"; aiding, supporting, mentoring and coaching others up the ladder of life's potential to success in realizing their dreams.

What is a good example of the "social enterprise" ??? GOODWILL INDUSTRIES

The turning point of ABCI as a "for-profit" business converting to "non-profit" took root in May 2005, as Savannah R. Perea aka SRS, (Savannah Rae Seville), became an administrative assistant and daily inspiration to the staff, residents, contractors and suppliers of ABCI's Los Lunas, New Mexico "Las Calandrias Communities" development, a joint venture affordable housing project in the Albuquerque suburban community of Meadow Lake.

Herein lies the inspiration for the conversion to a "non-profit" organization, and the dedication of this new legal entity to Savannah (SRS), who's poignant quote reflects her personal committment to life, but also, that of the founder's past, present and future life purpose and mission, during the four decades of ABCI, now reborn as The ABC Internationale SRS Foundation in 2006.

"...I know I must make a difference with this life of mine..."