Associate Professor,

Queen's University

PhD, UBC (2013)

Recent Work:

(May 2022): Should Wages be Subsidized in a Pandemic? (Accepted Macroeconomic Dynamics, with Nam Phan)

(Dec 2021): Permanent Income Inequality (Accepted Quantitative Economics, with Giovanni Gallipoli)

(Feb 2021) Incomplete Markets and Parental Investments in Children  (Accepted at Review of Economic Dynamics)

(June 2020) Has Consumption Inequality Mirrored Wealth Inequality in the Survey of Consumer Finances? (Economics Letters, with Robin Brace)

(Jan. 2020) Human Capital Inequality: Empirical Evidence (Oxford Research Encyclopedia: Economics and Finance, January 2020 issue, with Giovanni Gallipoli)

(Dec. 2019) Education Policy and Intergenerational Transfers in Equilibrium (Journal of Political Economy, December 2019 issue, with Gallipoli, Meghir and Violante)