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Welcome to our village

The village of Abbotsley is situated along the B1046 road from Great Gransden to St. Neots. Its main thoroughfare is the High Street, fringed with a mixture of houses bearing witness to the past and present: 17th Century thatched cottages, farm houses with their fields, 18th Century brick buildings, the old village school, now the village hall, attractive pub and the village green.

The church tower, with its four Kings instead of pinnacles, welcome visitors and inhabitants as it guards the village from its high position above the Green. The figures of the four Kings are, presumably, 16th Century but have received much restoration during their long vigil over the village. There are also five bells, one of which dates back to 1575. The foundation of the church of 1138 is dedicated to St. Margaret of Antioch.

Visit Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network for more photographs of Abbotsley abbotsley.ccan.co.uk/

Bluebell-19 is your local support group set up by volunteers in Abbotsley, the Gransdens, Tetworth and Waresley to provide neighbourhood support to those vulnerable and to help you through the current Covid-19 pandemic.

If you have no support to help with your shopping, collecting your prescriptions, posting letters or would like a friendly chat over the phone, our team of friendly volunteers are here for you.

Please contact your local village lead who can arrange this.

Thank you so much to all of you who’ve already volunteered to help but if you haven’t and would like to, again please contact your village lead.

more up to date details VIA Parish Council and in Roundabout

Abbotsley Bluebell-19 team:

Lead: Christine Kenrick 07725 832772 cmkendo@gmail.com

Co-Lead: Julie Wisson - 07725 791459 juleswisson@btinternet.com

Contact web site administrators at: info@abbotsley.org.uk