Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Gerritsen, Aart and Bas Jacobs, 2019. Is a minimum wage an appropriate instrument for redistribution? Economica, forthcoming. -PDF
Online Appendix -PDF[Earlier CESifo Working Paper No. 4588 -PDF- | Addendum on the Netherlands, in Dutch -PDF-]

Gerritsen, Aart, 2017. Equity and efficiency in rationed labor markets. Journal of Public Economics, 153, pp.5668. -Link- 
[earlier version, March 2016 -PDF-]

Gerritsen, Aart, 2016.
Optimal taxation when people do not maximize well-being.
 Journal of Public Economics, 144, pp. 122–139. -Link- -PDF- [earlier version, December 2014 -PDF-]

Publications in books and collections

Gerritsen, Aart and Floris Zoutman, 2019. Naar een heffing op werkelijk rendement. In: Cnossen, Sijbren and Bas Jacobs (eds.). Fundamentele Belastinghervorming in Nederland. -PDF-

Gerritsen, Aart, 2017. Belastingen: optimaal afstemmen op gedrag. In: Dur, Robert (ed.). Gedragseconomie en beleid, KVS Preadviezen 2017, pp.7585. -Link- -PDF-

Devereux, Michael P. and Aart Gerritsen, 2010. The tax treatment of debt and equity. In: Dirk A. Albregtse and Peter Kavelaars (eds.). Naar een Europese winstbelasting? Kluwer, Deventer, pp. 67-74. -PDF-

Work in progress

How many Harberger triangles does it take to fill one Okun gap? -PDF-

Optimal nonlinear taxation: the dual approach, -PDF-

Hirschman's tunnel effect goes abroad: international dimensions of social comparison and subjective well-being [With Harald W. Lang]

Optimal taxation of capital income when capital returns are heterogeneous [With Bas Jacobs, Alexandra Rusu, and Kevin Spiritus]

Parental upbringing and law enforcement: complements or substitutes? [With Thomas Daske and Vai-Lam Mui]

Minimum wages and taxation in competitive labor markets with endogenous skill formation [With Bas Jacobs] -PDF-


Essays in Optimal Government Policy, Doctoral Thesis 577 of the Tinbergen Institute Research Series, 2014. -PDF- | In Dutch: "Het Lekenpraatje" -PDF-

Older papers

Hedonic adaptation in the non-pecuniary domain (Aug 2008) [PDF on request]
The international dimension of life satisfaction (shortened, Feb 2008) [With Niels Hermes and Jacques Siegers] [PDF on request]
The international dimension of life satisfaction (extended, Jul 2007) [With Niels Hermes and Jacques Siegers] [PDF on request]