Service keeps us sober.

"Ask Him in your morning meditation what you can do each day for the man who is still sick. Give freely of what you find." pg 164 Big Book

Here are some ideas...

  • Call another alcoholic and check in on them.

  • Go early and stay late at meetings. Listen to understand.

  • Volunteer to go to a meeting at the Prison or Treatment Centre.

(see the forms below to be vetted - if you have any questions please contact Sheldon 532-2946)

  • Volunteer to be on the convention committee.

  • Volunteer to open a meeting or a host a zoom meeting each week.

  • Get a home group.

  • Volunteer to be your home groups BIC rep.

  • Literature rep.

  • Treasurer.

  • BIC Chair.

  • Convention Committee Chair.

  • Offer to drive someone to a meeting.

  • Public Information Committee.

  • Commit to having the AA hotline phone.

  • Volunteer to have your number on the hotline call list so that people who want to get sober have someone to call that is willing to help.

Government Vetting Application Form 2014 Version.pdf
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Form to accompany Police vetting regarding eligibility for Prison Fellowship.docx