Welcome to the website of 60 plus computing!
60 plus computing is all about affordable, high
quality computer assistance. I would like to
emphasize that while 60 plus computing's focus
is with helping people 60 and over with computer
assistance, there is no age restriction. If you are
12 years old or 100, you will be helped just as
well too! That's part of the plus in 60 plus
What 60 plus can do for you
60 plus computing provides affordable, high
                                          quality assistance with:
                                 PC and wireless network setup, Virus and Spyware
                                 removal, Upgrades, Repairs, Instruction on Windows,
                                 Mac, MS Office, Internet, Email, iPad, iPhone, and Andriod
                                                      60 plus computing can help home and small       
                                             business customers