R o b e r t  M c D o n a l d 

Artistic Statement # 15

With my series of robberies, I employed the language of common brigands to investigate the unsettling junction of desire, money, and betrayal. In our village, we often experience laughter through crime; puppet theaters have trained us with a range of responses, including voyeurism, apathy, and an impatience with deeper meanings. We want a pratfall. We want Punch to beat Judy with a stick. We want Judy to clobber Punch and take his coinage. My thievery examines the relationship that develops between my truncheon and the willingness of the gentleman in the grey flannel overcoat to give me his wallet.

Artistic Statement # 20

Based on your elderly neighbors’ recipe, I have created a new form of meatloaf, where an excess of ketchup is a glimpse into a life. Spatial relationships between breadcrumbs and eggs become an indication of tension or emotion. The psychological state of this particular kitchen is emphasized and described through the interaction of salt and pepper. I think we’re going to need to scrub this rust off the cast iron skillet to get things started. Rust or dried blood, only grandma knows the truth.