"Athena, Goddess of Noodles, from whose virgin loins sprang forth the Flying Spaghetti Monster." - Bear

"Besides, I've already killed him once. I don't want to repeat myself." - Lois McMaster Bujold, on Miles

"I'm not going to live that long, I smoke!" - Steven Brust, on getting tired of Vlad

"I personally am not interested in reading any Vlad/Miles slash." "Lois, I didn't know that a human being could turn that color!" - Steven Brust, Elizabeth Bear, Lois McMaster Bujold turning purple.

"The Renaissance was having a teenage rebellion against the Middle Ages." - Anne Gwin

"If you'd like to see a physician scrying urine, my series can do that for you." - Scott Lynch, enticingly

"I found out something really awesome about cholera!" - Bear

"Cohen the Barbarian knows that what is best in life is proper dentistry." - Scott Lynch

Scott Lynch: "Your intense disappointment is a feature, not a bug."

Elise Matthesen: "Have you made your peace with your lord and savior Jesus Christ? Because you've got about ten seconds."

Steven Brust: "If you worry about keeping your audience, you're not going to keep your audience."

Scott Lynch: "Who are you going to kill, characters with dialogue or Ookie the Wookie?"

Emma Bull: "Oh my God, George Martin KILLED A CHARACTER?!"

Elizabeth Bear: "Harry Potter is unique in the annals of epic fantasy in that it ends."

Sherwood Smith: "Women would use magic for birth control."

Pamela Dean: "At #4thstreet, science fiction is considered a subset of fantasy."

Elizabeth Bear: "Emma Bull can't stop inventing subgenres."

Lois McMaster Bujold on writing w/kids: "I wrote during naps & when they went to bed, which worked until they stopped taking naps & going to bed."

Elise Matthesen on how to critique effectively: "Be on the side of the story."