Robert Fournier


Bob began his musical career as a bassist performing with jazz and contemporary ensembles.  He has since expanded his horizons to include latin classical and finger-style solo guitar music and songs with guitar accompaniment.  His extremely broad range of musical influences includes Brazilian guitar virtuoso Laurindo Almedia, 60's folk icon Fred Neil, country music great Johnny Cash, and jazz legend Bill Evans. 

Bob Fournier Western Skies


Bob's songs with acoustic guitar accompaniment can best be described as passionate, sentimental human portraits of intimate relationships.  For example, his song Western Skies was written for his wife and was inspired by the beauty of the landscapes seen during their many miles of traversing the roadways and hiking trails of the American West.  


As a teacher in an economically disadvantaged area, Bob believes that the best way to counter the negative effects of poverty is vigorous reinvestment in public education.  He is an active member of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and the Caucus of Working Educators.  The photo above was taken at the state capital during a protest by teachers concerning school funding where he sang his Philadelphia School District Blues.