Robert Fournier
performer | songwriter | activist

Fred Neil songs recorded January 15, 2018 at the Milkboy Recording Studios, Philadelphia
Video recording by Henry Nevison; Sound recording by Cody Cichowski 

Bohemian Blues CD Tracks

Robert Fournier's Bohemian Blues CD

Looking for Moon (1992): This song is a whimsical story and cautionary tale about the folly of youth. It celebrates the stories of my father, a hobo during the great depression.

Philadelphia School District Blues (revised 2017): I wrote this song as a criticism of the School District Reform Commission whose corporate privitization agenda is failing the democratic ideal of public education.  The SRC is hurting our district, our teachers, and most sadly, our students.  These PSD Blues have been heard at numerous Philadelphia Federation of Teachers union protests and meetings such as the one described in this Philadelphia Inquirer article about the new teachers contract.

Deloris (1994): I wrote this song during my first experience in urban education teaching an eleven year old girl how to read.

Small Town Cowboys (1992): I wrote this about two friends growing up and facing the challenges of life in a small town.

Next Time (1993): I wrote this about lost love and lost opportunity.

Bohemian Blues (1998): I wrote this about the financial and psychological consequences of once being a member of the artistic and literary underground in a small town.

My Julia (1994): This song professes the profound joy of fatherhood and was written the day I learned that my pregnant wife was carrying a girl.

Pleasant Street (1993): This song is about my journey from a state of poverty to America's middle class.

I Can't Believe (1992): This song is in the bossa nova style.  It's about the divorce of two close friends.

Born to Lose (1997): I wrote this song about the grief of not reaching your potential in life.

Western Skies (1990): I wrote this about how my life changed when I met my wife.  It can be heard as the soundtrack to this video released by an area coffee house.

Highway to Your Heart (1994): This song is a reflection on the conflict and resolution of a strained relationship.

Love on the Run (1990): This song is about the emotional imbalance in a relationship between two friends.


All songs written by Robert Fournier, copyright 2017.

Recorded by Cody Cichowski at Milkboy Recording Studios, Philadelphia, PA between 2015 and 2017.

Robert Fournier, guitars, vocals, double bass
Chris Jeye, harmonicas
Bryce Milano, mandolin
Phil Romeo, vocals, percussion, guitar
Julia Fournier, vocals

Bob plays on a steel string guitar by Martin (OM18, authentic 1933) a classical guitar by Felix Manzanero (1968), and a double bass by John Juzak (1933).

For more information about Bob read his Biography.

Robert Fournier
Upper Darby, PA 19082