Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is the difference between your Online course and your Live Seminar?
A: Beside the obvious...Online seminars are done online and the live seminar is held live.  Live seminar goes over different subjects discussed in the Live Seminar page and the online seminars are on particular subjects ONLY.  You can read the details of the Online courses here, and read the details of the Live Seminar here.
Q: What is the difference between your 1-on-1 Course and your Live Seminar?
A: Besides the obvious...the 1-on-1 course is one on one, and the live seminar is held in a class setting with other students.  The live seminar goes over different subjects, and the 1-on-1 courses are on particular subjects ONLY.  You can read the details of the 1-on-1 courses here and read the details of the Live Seminar here.
Q: Do I need a doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana to attend your classes?
A: NO! 
But, you do need doctor's recommendation to run your business and handle medicine.  It'll be helpful if you can start working on that.

Q: Can I get the address for your Live Seminar before I pay?
  No, the address for the seminars are given only to students who have payed the enrollment fee, (we don't want anyone showing up and be turned away because we don't have enough seats available).

Q: How do I qualify to attend these classes?
You have to be over 21 years old and pay the enrollment fee.

Q:  Is Marijuana Legal?
Marijuana remains illegal under federal law, certain states have adopted the medical marijuana patient ID programs, check your local state laws for clarification on these laws, we also have posted the laws from the approved states below on this page.

Q: I have a criminal record, will I still be able to open a medical marijuana business?
A: Yes, you can.  You can only operate a private club.  Your criminal history does not affect your eligibility to get a doctor's recommendation and become a medical marijuana patient, thus, you may cultivate and distribute medicine to the patients in your private collective.  But if the terms of your probation or parole do not permit you to posses anything that is FEDERALLY cannot do business.  You need to go and see the judge who issued your probation or parole and speak with them in regards to it.  If you are planning on running a dispensary then you MUST have a clean record.  If that is the case then you cannot be on the board of directors, such as president or vice president, etc.
Q: My city or county currently has a ban on dispensaries or a moratorium, can I still open one up?  Should I still take your classes?
It's pretty difficult to open a dispensary business in Los Angeles county.  And it also doesn't hurt to educate yourself.  But there other areas around Los Angeles county that are accepting applications and are worth exploring.  You will find out what those areas are in class and how to go about opening there. The laws and guidelines regarding dispensaries  and medical marijuana are changing constantly and moratoriums expire, it'll be helpful to you if you can take these classes to prepare yourself.  There are other and much more safer and easier ways of starting a Medical Marijuana Business.  Many choose to start a non-profit collective grow or collective delivery service instead because they are easier to start and manage, and moratoriums do not apply to these businesses.  We explain how to go about starting up all those businesses in detail.  There has also been a lot of talk in the press recently amongst both state and federal politician's about moving towards legalization.  It's also a good idea to explore the topic before you decide to get involved in this type of a business.  Our Leive Seminar is only $250, and that is all it takes to prepare yourself for the Medical Marijuana industry.  After the seminar you'll definitely know if this is the right business for you.
Q: What is involved in this?  What are start up costs?  Is it legal yet?  Is it safe from robberies?
A:  These are the types of things we teach at the seminar, if we gave you all the answers, then what would be the point of holding paid seminars?  You will leave our seminar fully understanding the laws and you'll be 99% ready to start your business in medical cannabis.  Guaranteed!

What makes you guys qualified to teach these types of courses?
A:  We are all in business.  Attorney William McPike, who teaches "How To Start A Dispensary Business" curriculum of our live seminar, has successfully helped to open over 200 dispensaries in California, which are still operating under state law.  He continues to help folks open dispensaries as you're reading this.  Find out how 420 College with the help of such attorneys can help you start up your Marijuana Dispensary, click here to read.  You will have the opportunity to learn from the people who are aware of every recent decision, every recent piece of legislation both State and Federal that has come down the pike regarding medicinal use and legalization of cannabis.  Our growing instructors have been cultivating medicine for 10 years, you will learn how to get the most "bang for your buck" when it comes to cultivating medicine.  You will hear from instructors that have put more than 200 medical cannabis dispensaries and non-profit collectives for patient use in Los Angeles and throughout since the laws were past in allowing people to obtain medical marijuana recommendation in California.

Q: Can I pay the full amount of the Live Seminar on the day of the seminar?

A:  Yes you can, please contact us to make arrangements, and you can pay on the day of the seminar in cash, cashier's check or money order.  We'll need a full commitment from you understanding that all seats at the seminar are reserved and you need to make it to the Seminar.  You will need to talk to a customer service representative to make arrangements, contact us here or call (323)308-8803 Mon - Fri 10AM to 5PM PST.

Q: Where are you guys located?
  Our administrative office is located in Fresno, Ca.  Our classes are held in throughout the state of California.  Check for class locations, dates and times, here.

  Do you accept checks?
Yes, but we do not accept checks on the day of the seminar, we must receive the checks in our office at least 5 days before the seminar date.

Q: Do you cover the laws in my state?
A:  Our teachings can be applied in any state or county that has passed laws approving the Medical Marijuana Patient Program.  Because every state, county, city laws and regulations are different from each other, we urge you to check with your local government.  But since most cities have the same buildings, we tell you where to go and what forms to fill out, and also how to find the laws. We have the medical marijuana laws listed state by state on this web page towards the bottom.

Q: Can I bring my friend with me to your 1-On-1 course?
A:  Yes you can, you may bring as many people as you want, but everyone needs to pay the course fee, which is $500.  We do give multi-person and group discounts all the time, just ask.  For two people it will be $700, ($350 per person), for three people it will be $900, (that's $300 per person).

Q:  Would I be able to pursue a career in the medical marijuana industry with the education received from your college while I'm living here in my state or would I have to move to California for that?
A: You can pursue your desired career in medical marijuana in your state, as long as your state has approved the medical marijuana program, and the city you live in issues business licenses.

Disclaimer: Marijuana remains illegal under federal laws for some reason.  Certain states, counties and cities have adopted the medical marijuana patient programs, please check our FAQ page for state by state breakdown on laws in states that have this program in place.

420 College does not promote illegal sales or use of marijuana.  That is why we strongly urge you to take our seminars to get the latest in developments and laws concerning medical marijuana and cannabis industry.

California Attorney General's Guidelines

Proposition 215, the "Compassionate Use Act"
The Compassionate Use Act is a voter initiative, passed in 1996, that made California the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use

California Senate Bill 420
This bill was passed in 2004 with the following purpose: "(1) Clarify the scope of the application of the act and facilitate the prompt identification of qualified patients and their designated primary caregivers in order to avoid unnecessary arrest and prosecution of these individuals and provide needed guidance to law enforcement officers. (2) Promote uniform and consistent application of the act among the counties within the state. (3) Enhance the access of patients and caregivers to medical marijuana through collective, cooperative cultivation projects."

California County and City Medical Marijuana Laws
Municipalities and counties in CA have chosen in some cases to create their own guidelines to further clarify the 1996 Compassionate Use Act and SB 420. This listing gives up-to-date guidelines for counties that have implemented them.

CA Attorney General Clarifies State/Federal Conflict on Medical Marijuana Law - AG Bill Lockyer states in an appellate court brief that "it is not the province of state courts to enforce federal laws." Further action is needed to have the AG spread the message far and wide.

Marijuana laws in California according to NORML
Info about criminal statues regarding marijuana in Alaska, as well as decriminalization and medical laws.

Medical Marijuana Pros & Cons
Medical Marijuana presents laws, studies, statistics, surveys, government reports, and pro and con statements on questions related to marijuana as medicine. For the best overview of this website, start with the four boxes below: 1-Minute Overview, expert responses to our core question "Should marijuana be a medical option?," Top 10 Pros and Cons, and fun facts in Did You Know?

Medical Marijuana Laws And Regulations State By State.
All information has been provided by American For Safe Access.