5/6 & 5/7/2017 Sacramento, Ca | Day 2 Live Seminar.
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Do you want to know how to start a marijuana "dispensary"
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420 College is the premier medical marijuana business school in California.  We've been helping people find a new career in America's most exciting marijuana industry since March of 2009.  We've been holding live seminars and consultations across California in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Ventura, Fresno, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Las Vegas, Tucson, Portland, Eugene, Seattle, Spokane, Ft Lauderdale and many more.
We offer different courses to suit everyone's individual needs.  Get started in your new cannabis career, today. 

We are also offering detailed 1-On-1 Consulting courses on how to start a non-profit marijuana collective and grow room set ups, you can even contract us to cultivate medicine for you for your collective (California Only), get the details (click here for more information).
Online Video Seminars on stating a marijuana collectives in California are also available if you can not make it out to a live seminar (click here for more information).
Our Live Seminar focuses on starting a business and cultivation with medical marijuana in California under Proposition 215 and SB 420. Our Live Seminars go over Cannabis Regulation & Safety Act, Proposition 64 (Adult Marijuana Use Act).
Here are some of the benefits of attending a 420 College Live Seminar:
  • How to open a medical marijuana "dispensary".  
  • How to start a marijuana delivery service.  
  • Start a medical marijuana grow collective.
  • How to get a local city/county cannabis business license
  • Well help you put together a medical marijuana business plan.
  • We have teamed up with marijuana business insurance agents and merchant account services, marijuana lawyers who specialize in the medical marijuana industry to help you in your business.
  • If you're not a medical marijuana patient, you will be referred to medical marijuana doctors, who will be giving recommendations to those who qualify.
  • Learn how to cultivate medical marijuana.
  • Learn how to grow indoor and outdoor.
  • Learn how to grow Hydroponics from master growers.
  • Learn from highly skilled instructors how to make medical marijuana edibles such as cookies, brownies, cakes, butter. 
  • Concentrates like hash and tinctures...click here for more information and enrollment in the Live Seminar.

"...we are advocating preparedness for the start of a new American industry".


If you hired an attorney for consultation, you would pay $500 to $2,500 just for the consultation on how to start up your business. 

Here are some free tips:

  1. Don't ever call a Collective a "Dispensary".
  2. To dispense medicine, you must have a medical or pharmaceutical license.
  3. There is no such thing as a "Marijuana Business License" or "Marijuana Business Permit".
  4. Don't ever take "Donations" in exchange for weed.
  5. You're not anyone's "Caregiver", don't ask anyone to designate you as a caregiver unless you provide housing for that person.
  6. Don't open a marijuana store near a school or church.
420 Cannabis College Live Seminar will have attorneys who specializes in medical marijuana law and have helped hundreds of people to open marijuana collectives teaching parts of the course, that is a minimum $2,500 value that you get with your payment of $300. 

This is a terrific opportunity for anyone who is interested in starting a legitimate business in medical marijuana and/or learn cultivation

You will get our 420 Cannabis College class book to take with you.  It will have all the instructions in detail written for you and most of the business forms that you'll need to file, an up to $1,500 value and saving you valuable time.  Click Here To Enroll!