2019 Rules




RULES: These rules apply to the participants of the 3 Rivers Bass Team Trail. It is the responsibility of each contestant to know and follow these rules. Interpretation of these rules will be left to the tournament committee. Decisions of the tournament committee are final.

PARTICIPATION: Membership for 3 Rivers Bass Team Trail is open to everyone. At least one member of each team must be 18 years old or older. A person under the age of 18 must have written consent of parent or guardian to participate in any 3 River Bass event. All participants will be required to provide correct address and social security number. Each person must be a member of 3 Rivers Bass Team Trail in order to participate in any team tournament.

PARTNERS: A member may fish the entire circuit on his own or with a partner. Each team is allowed 2 alternate partners throughout the year. The alternate partner must sign up to be a member of 3 Rivers Bass Team Trail prior to the start of the event. In the case you may not be able to make an event you will be permitted 1 time throughout the year to pay your entry into an event you wont be present at in order to insure your championship qualifying (the entry must be paid prior to the boat draw at the pre-tournament meeting).

EQUIPMENT: Each boat must meet all U.S. Coast Guard regulations. All boats must be equipped with an emergency ignition shut-off device, which must be securely attached to the driver whenever the combustion engine is running. All boats must contain a properly aerated livewell to maintain a live limit of fish. Boat owners must carry proper liability insurance.

SAFETY: During the competition each contestant is required to wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket anytime the combustion engine is running. Anyone found operating a boat in an unsafe manner in the opinion of the tournament committee is subject to disqualification. No alcohol or drugs are allowed to be in any tournament boat during competition hours.

FISHING: The intentional snagging of fish and live bait is PROHIBITED. All fish must be caught in a conventional and sporting manner. Only artificial lures may be used with the exception of pork rinds. Only one rod per angler is allowed in the water at a time. Rods may not exceed 8’ in length. Landing nets and dragging are permitted. At no time is a person to leave the boat to land a fish. All fishing must be done from inside your boat.

OFF LIMITS: There is no fishing inside ANY no wake bouy that surrounds a marina. All of Arboles, Simms, and the Pine marina are off limits inside the no wake bouys. There is no practice period off limits, however you must be off the water by 4 pm on the Friday before the pre tournament meeting. A participant may not be on the water after the pre tournament meeting for the sake of finding fish until the close of competition except during tournament hours. No team should receive information from anyone not fishing the event from the start of the meeting until end of the of the tournament.

CULLING: Culling of a dead fish is NOT ALLOWED. A team is only allowed to have 5 fish in their livewell at a time. There is no culling inside the host marina. Any team weighing in 6 fish will be disqualified.

FISHING HOURS: Fishing hours will be determined at the pre tournament meeting.

LAUNCH: Launch time will be determined at the pre tournament meeting. Every boat must have a livewell check prior to launch. Anyone not on time MUST find a member of the tournament committee to have a livewell check performed before fishing. If a team has not gone through a livewell check they will not be permitted to weigh in.

# OF FISH: Each team will be allowed to weigh a maximum of 5 fish per tournament. Only Smallmouth bass and Largemouth bass will be weighed.

LATE, SHORT, AND DEAD FISH PENALTY: All boats must check in at the weigh-in site prior to the appointed time. Any boat not checked in prior to the time expiring will be disqualified. Anyone bringing a dead fish to weigh-in will be accessed a .20 lb penalty. Any fish brought in that does not meet the required length will not be weighed and that team will incur a 1 lb penalty. FISH WILL BE MEASURED ON A FLATBOARD WITH THE MOUTH CLOSED AND TAIL MAY BE PINCHED!!

NAVAJO:12” minimum-smallmouth 14” minimum-largemouth

SPORTSMANSHIP AND PROTESTS: Each team will be required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, and conservation. Any contestant who displays poor sportsmanship or violates these rules or violates the state fishing laws or lake rules may be disqualified. If a person were to come into a situation please bring it up with a member of the tournament committee and it will be dealt with accordingly. All written protests must accompany your fish to the scales. After your fish have been weighed and you leave the scales your protest will not be heard.

ANGLER OF THE YEAR POINTS: Points will be awarded on a 100 point system based on your finish in each tournament in order to announce anglers of the year at the end of the season. There will not be a tournament drop allowed in the angler of the year. Those fishing all 6 events will have the best chance at winning. The angler of the year race will be conducted from the 1st tournament and end at the 6th tournament. The championship will not be included in this race. Any team not weighing in a fish will receive 5 points less than the last place team with a weight. For example: Tim and John weighed 15 lbs and finished first they will receive 100 points. Jeff and Dave finished 2nd weighing in 14.74 would receive 99 points. In a tournament with 20 teams, if only 1 team did not weigh a fish they would receive 77 points. If the AOY Race should end in a tie, your finish in the Championship will determine the winner!!

CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFYING: A team must fish at least 4 tournaments to qualify for the championship. Any team fishing all 6 events will receive free entry into the championship. For the teams fishing 5 tournaments there will be a standard entry fee of $100 in order to participate in the championship. For the teams fishing in only 4 qualifying tournaments there will be a $200 entry fee in order to participate in the championship. There will be no point system for championship qualification.

CHAMPIONSHIP: You may not use an alternate in the championship. You may fish by yourself, with your partner, or another member of 3 Rivers Bass Team Trail that has fished the required number of events to qualify for the championship. Each member of the team must have fished 4 qualifying tournaments to fish in the Championship. Your finish in the AOY Race for the season will determine your boat number the first day of the championship and on the 2nd day you will be sent out based on your finish from the first day. Which ever team is leading the championship after day 1 will be first boat out on day 2.

NO WAKE: There is no passing in any no wake zone. Anyone running on plane, plowing water, or passing another tournament boat will be disqualified!

FOG RULE: To insure the safety of all anglers when there is fog present you will be required to drive your boat at a WAKELESS speed. There will be no passing of other boats allowed. Anyone plowing water, running on plane, or passing another boat will be DISQUALIFIED. NO EXCEPTIONS!

TIES: Ties will be broken by the team’s big fish for the day. If the team’s are still tied after the tie break the flip of a coin will determine the winner.