3rd Kanata Scout Group - Bridlewood, Kanata, Ontario, Canada


3rd Kanata is a Volunteer run organization, the adult organizers and leaders of 3rd Kanata are all either parents of youth, community voluteers who enjoy scouting, former youth members of 3rd Kanata or whose children are now over the scout age and have stayed as leaders or group committee members. There are roughly 50 adult volunteers registered with Scouts Canada running the 3rd Kanata program,, and we pull on others to do activities not involved in youth activities and section leadership. As Volunteers are cruitial to a good program and to maintain a low fee structure, we run a Volunteer Bond Program in which we hold a bond cheque through the year, with a point system providing points for activity, once the bond point level is reached we destroy the bond cheque.

We need volunteers in many areas:

Interested in being a Leader? You do not need to be a parent, or related to a youth member, or an outdoor expert, we provide training in Program development, outdoor activites and first aid as well as program information and you are part of a team madeup of both new and experienced leaders. Check out some of the information on the Scouts Canada Site:  http://www.scouts.ca/ca/scouters .

  1.  Talk to a Section Leader or contact a member of the Group Committee to discuss the sections requiring leaders, visit the section and meet the leaders. Go on the Scouts Canada site and explore the Scouter Section: http://www.scouts.ca/ca/scouters .
  2.  Fill out and return the Volunteer Registration Form to either the Group Commissioner, Registrar or Section Leader and fill out and submit a Police record check to the closest Police Community office, (3rd Kanata will provide you with a letter identifying you as a Volunteer for the Police Record Check).
  3. You can start the required training on-line immediately using e-learning and can register for upcoming Woodbadge 1 (WB1) Training for the section,(your training fee will be covered) ,information can be found under the Scouter section of the Scouts Canada Web Site (see bullet point 1 above), other 3rd Kanata volunteers will work with you to complete the Volunteer Recruitment and Development Process.

  Besides Leaders we need volunteers in a number of areas who can support the fund raising activities and assist the leaders as required within the guidelines provided by Scouts Canada.. Some of those positions include:

 1. Group Silent Auction Coordinator: Works to organize the Annual Event, coordinates the Section Coordinators to obtain donations and setup event.. Work is shared among committee members (1 per section). Depending on preferences and availability time is split up with duties. Three to four people to make phone calls to potential donors and businesses- this is not a hard job you just call blindly/ call past donors etc., one person to pick up items as required, one person to store and catalogue things as they come in, people to help the day of. Provides up to $5000 funding for Program depending on sales. A few hours a month starting in December, then getting busier in March and early April and then the weekend f the Auction most of the day.) The sections each have a section coordinator for the above

 2. Section Silent Auction Coordinator: Works as part of the Group Coordinators team to make phone calls, obtain donations and run the April event which ties in with the end of year advancement ceremonies. The Section Coordinator also works directly with the section to get a donation basket from the section as their contribution to the Silent Auction.

 3. Group Rink Coordinator: Coordinates Section Coordinators and provides the list of when sections are responsible for the cleaning of the rink at Bridlewood School.

 4. Section Rink Coordinator: Works as part of the Group Rink Coordinators team, coordinates parents in a Section for cleaning of the Bridlewood rink for a week, participates in the maintenance, flooding and cleaning of the Rink (This may be combined withother section)


Schedules parents, youth and other volunteers for weeks Communicates rink times to parents. Monitors participations when expected and that enough parent volunteers are present

Assist in the initial opening of the rink Length of Active time per Role: 2 weeks over time period of December through March depending on weather

 5. Group Popcorn Coordinator:

 6. Section Popcorn Coordinator: