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In memory of my sister, Brenda Carr.

 ** NEWS ** www.justgiving.com -  the site that has supported over 1 Million fund-raising pages for charity - nominated the 365challenge for an award at their first annual awards in 2010 in the "Most Innovative Fundraiser" category - we were runner-up this time! But they have been so taken with the 365challenge that they interviewed me all about it and have posted the interview on their blog:

Imagine spending 365 days – a full year – undertaking as many challenges as you can to test yourself to the limit.

Maybe not everyone's idea of fun ... but then imagine that across that year, you use those challenges to raise as much money as you can for a very, very good cause. Does that sound better? Add to the mix that you do it in memory of a loved family member, and there aren't many better reasons, are there?

I’m Colin and I’ve set up the 365challenge to do just that. This site is a record of my efforts and those of the others who have taken on the 365challenge for themselves since I launched the idea. I've recorded a video about the 365challenge here: Introducing the 365challenge 

The charity that I am raising money for is
CANCER RESEARCH UK (CRUK). I originally set myself the target of raising £3650 across the year for CRUK, but once I'd started promoting my 365challenge and inviting people to sponsor me, the reaction was amazing, and I'd hit that target within 3 weeks - with the
donation that took me over the £3650 coming in on the day that I officially started my 365challenge - September 1st 2008.

Now ... the sky's the limit. I've left the £3650 figure on my Just Giving site as my target for now, because it has a relevance for the challenge and for my 1%ers Club (click through and learn more), but I just plan to keep going and raising as much as I can over the course of this 365challenge year and beyond! Feel free to add to my total or join in with your own challenges ...

You see, if I can find 365 other people to take on their own 365challenges for CRUK too, and if they are willing to set a fund-raising target of £3650 for their own year-long efforts, that adds up to £1.3 MILLION for Cancer Research UK.

How amazing would that be?

And imagine if they only raised £1000 each from their efforts ... that's still £365,000 for CRUK ... not an insubstantial amount, don't you think? Could you be a part of this? Check out the "Meet the 365'ers" page to see what others are already doing ...

So what is the 365challenge? For my own first 365challenge, which finished in August 2009, I undertook a series of tough physical sponsored challenges - including cycling from John O’ Groats to Lands End; rowing the length of the River Thames; swimming the English channel and climbing the height of Britain's 3 highest mountains. I completed those challenges in 10 months (doing the 3 Peaks twice in the process), so I added in an extra one - running the length of Hadrian's Wall - into the mix to get me to the end of my 365challenge year. Details of the challenges can be found here. My goal was to complete my challenges across the year, but not necessarily every day of the year, ending August 31st 2009.

I set off on my new 365challenge, starting January 1st 2010, where I planned to run the distance of 36.5 marathons over the year - that's 3 marathons a month or 956.3 miles across the year! But with a diagnosis of cancer at the start of March 2010, these plans have had to be revised as the chemotherapy and radiotherapy took their toll on me! I'm pleased to report that I have come out the other side of this now, but my training has gone out the window, and I'm only now, in November 2010, getting back to some low level mileage. I still plan to clock up that target mileage for my 365challenge - it's just going to take longer than originally planned. But you can still sponsor me for my efforts ... just click on the Just Giving button here.

Or you could take on one or more of the challenges for yourself ... or even create your own challenges and I can record then on this site for everyone to see. If you come on board with me, together we can raise even more!

Find out about the challenges here. 

Or find out how you can participate in your very own 365challenge too by clicking here. And you too can have a 365challenge T-Shirt, either to show your support or show the world that you have taken on the 365challenge for yourself - just click here.

*** BREAKING NEWS: I'm delighted to be able to tell you that CRUK have now allocated the 365challenge it's very own appeal code - UKCH01 - which you can quote for direct donations if you wish, or donate through the Just Giving button above) ***

Please get in touch with any thoughts or comments on this 365challenge - all support is very welcome! Email me on colin@365challenge.co.uk

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