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 2018-2019 Season and possible 2019 Chapter Reunion 

Hello Florida!

With the changes in the 1818 Bulletin format, Chapter events are now posted here on the Florida Chapter website and also emailed to the Chapter distribution.

 For the coming season, the Chapter is planning get togethers in the NE (Jacksonville), SE (Boca Raton) and SW (Naples) areas of Florida through the fall and winter.  In SW Florida, we will have again by popular demand a ‘day cruise’ to the islands in February 2019, this time probably to Cabbage Key Island.  For the energetic, there is also a week long hiking trip to the Cotswolds in England for 19-26, July 2019.  (Details below).

 To decide where/if there should be a Chapter reunion in early 2019, a survey is currently posted on the Chapter website on the left, under HOME.  Please return your completed surveys to me by email by cob Sept 30, 2018.

 As always, all 1818 members are welcome to our events, and if any of you would like to organize a lunch or an event in your area, please email me. 

best regards,

Sandra Hadler,

Chair, Florida Chapter

Regional Coordinators’ Contacts:

NE:  Robin Bradfield          robin.broadfield@gmail.com           Ormond Beach

SE:  Karin Nordlander       karin@nordlander.com                    Boca Raton

SW: Sandra Hadler           sachadler@gmail.com                    Naples


Walking in the Cotswolds, England, July 19-26, 2019

The Cotswolds are an ideal location for a walking tour by 1818 alumni - its easy walking, in some of the most beautiful and historic parts of England, with close proximity to London, Oxford, Warwick, Stratford upon Avon.  There is convenient train transport from London.  

 The tour will be led by 1818 member and Florida Chapter Head, Sandra Hadler, and organized by a very well known UK organization, HF Holidays (they are a cooperative and date back to 1891).  HF owns 18 country house hotels in key hiking areas across the UK and organize hiking groups from them throughout the year. We have provisionally booked the 7-day walking tour from their country house in the Cotswolds at Bourton on the Water (www.hfholidays.co.uk/country-houses/bourton/). It’s a gorgeous setting.

 There are 2 options for walking:

  1. Guided Walking (there is a choice here of 3 level of walks daily – easier, medium, harder (6-13 miles). In the Cotswolds, ascent is not an issue. Each walk is led by experienced HF hike leaders.  Bus transportation to/from the walks is included in the price.   The 2018 itinerary is as follows: https://www.hfholidays.co.uk/holidays-and-tours/guided-walking-bourton/.
  2. Walking with Sightseeing – gentle daily walks of 3-5 miles with an experienced walking leader; separate transportation. The 2018 itinerary is available here: https://www.hfholidays.co.uk/holidays-and-tours/discovery-walks-bourton-water

 We have reserved rooms for a maximum of 25 alumni; hotel capacity is 45.  The cost is £755* per person, single or double, 7 nights lodging, ensuite rooms, hiking, transport, 3 (very) full meals a day and evening entertainment.  HF requires £75.00 per person deposit by July 31. Why so early?  Hiking groups book the houses a year or more ahead. HF will also need to know which option each person wants to join. Final balance is payable in Sterling 6 weeks before departure. 

For further information, Sandra Hadler, sachadler@gmail.com, 44 779 2574213


*£749 for HF members.  If additional rooms are requested, these will be premium rooms at a cost of £825 pp/week.




The Florida Chapter comprises some 300+ members of the 1818 Society who are now living in the Sunshine State of Florida.  In addition, there are several hundred ‘snowbirds’ who reside here temporarily and join the Chapter (see Member Registration tab on the Navigation panel to the left).  The group meets from time to time to renew old friendships and make new ones. Reunions are attended by retirees, spouses and guests. Any and all 1818 members visiting Florida are most welcome at these reunions.

The Chapter is a totally informal body. It has no rules, no regulations, and no officials other than a Chapter Chair, Sandra Hadler, and the Florida regional coordinators, Robin Broadfield, Karin Nordlander (all our contacts are below).  


 The web is our prime means of communicating events or useful information.  We also   have a google ‘Florida Chapter list’.  This is a safe (OK, nothing in life is 100% safe) and free means of communication within the group.  It is not social media like Face Book or  Linked in; it is not spam nor will it subject you to junk email – it is just an email distribution list  to send information.  Currently, the only people with rights to post information on the site or send emails are the regional coordinators and me.  If anyone on the distribution list wishes to post something, they may contact me or the coordinators and ask them to post on their behalf. 

So, if you wish to receive information about coming Chapter events, please join the 1818floridachapter Google Group by clicking here and providing your email address and for security, your UPI number.  You will receive a confirmation  email from Google Groups.

 If you have difficulties joining,  you may  contact me directly at sachadler@gmail.com and I will try to help.

 The easiest way to access the Florida Chapter website is by clicking on the chapter link on the 1818  website.   Information is also included in the 1818 Bulletin. 

Considerable interest in Florida Chapter ‘reunions’   continues, involving an area or activity of interest.  Suggestions are most welcome; volunteers too.

 Florida is a big state and ‘Regional Chapter’get togethers for lunch/dinner/special events are of considerable interest and a convenient way to stay connected.  Activities could be cultural/cerebral, crafts, outdoors – nature/athletic? I’m learning that several members are involved in activities that would be of interest to others and have agreed to post them on our web. For instance Richard Eddy teaches an international folk dancing class in Naples in season and information on this will be posted in the fall.  Others, such as Karin Nordlander, are very much involved in charitable groups and may welcome more helping hands. A couple of members have suggested a golf tournament.  I’m not a golfer but can assist members if they wish to organize a tournament by posting fliers on the web.  

Another idea is the Miami Opera.  Members  may wish to meet  for dinner followed by opera – and even stay overnight to make a weekend of it.  The Naples Opera Group (NOG) organizes a bus that begins in Cape Coral and picks up at 3-4 places all the way to S. Naples; this includes opera tickets, pre-opera discussion/lecture, dinner and bus home for about $150/person.  

So, if any of you have a particular interest/idea, please let me know? 

 Enjoy your summer!

Sandra Hadler,
Chair, 1818 Florida Chapter, 


Following the September 2013 survey of Chapter members, a preference was expressed to hold a reunion in 2014 and the preferred locations were SW Florida or a cruise.  Naples proved prohibitively expensive through June this year and we negotiated a competitive rate on a 4 night cruise out of Fort Lauderdale from March 13-17, 2014.  This was the first Chapter reunion since 2010, although most of the participants were 1818 refugees from the winter up north.  Reflections on the cruise can be found in the Left hand menu, 3rd item.

There have been eleven previous Florida Chapter reunions and, if interested, you can also read about them by clicking on the "Previous Reunions" tab on the left hand side navigation bar.

 Sandra Hadler
Chair, 1818 Florida Chapter

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