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It seems that many of us checked the 'no emails'  box long ago when we first joined the society.  But now that 1818 has gone electronic, you may wish to  receive emails. 

So, if you wish to receive emails from 1818, or maybe have moved or changed your email, do go to the 1818 web site and update your profile.  Updating now is easy.

To log in to the site, your user name is the small letters "wb" followed by your UPI number with no leading zeros. If you have forgotten your password, the site easily allows you to reset the password, assuming you have registered an email address. This is the limit of my IT skills; if you are unable to log in with this info, best email 1818,  at 1society@worldbank..org.
Sandra Hadler 
Chair, Florida Chapter
October 25, 2017

End- 2017 EVENTS!  

SE Florida: Karin Nordlander organizes dinners/events almost monthly, so if you are interested to join her group, do email Karin at karin@nordlander.com

NE Florida: Eduardo Somensatto is  organizing a Chapter lunch for Jacksonville area residents.   Interested? Email Eduardo at esomensatto@gmail.com for details.  

 You may also be interested in the attached list of Florida Festivals for 2017 from Karin - http://www.floridarambler.com/florida-festivals/2017-2018-florida-festival-calendar/.

 As always, if any of you have suggestions for future activities, would like to organize a lunch or an event in your area, I am very open to your suggestions - please email me. 

 And, of course, any 1818 members visiting Florida are welcome to join our events!

 Wishing you all good health and good cheer!

Sandra Hadler, sachadler@gmail.com
Chair, Florida Chapter

Regional Coordinators’ Contacts:

NE:  Robin Bradfield          robin.broadfield@gmail.com           Ormond Beach

SE:  Karin Nordlander       karin@nordlander.com                    Boca Raton

SW: Sandra Hadler           sachadler@gmail.com                    Naples



The Florida Chapter comprises some 250 members of the 1818 Society who are now living in the Sunshine State of Florida.  There are probably another 100 or so ‘snowbirds’ who reside here temporarily and are welcome to join the Chapter (see Member Registration tab on the Navigation panel to the left).  The group will meet from time to time to renew old friendships and make new ones. Reunions are attended by retirees, spouses and guests. Any and all 1818 members visiting Florida are most welcome at these reunions.

The Chapter is a totally informal body. It has no rules, no regulations, and no officials other than a Chapter Chair, Sandra Hadler, and the Florida regional coordinators, Robin Broadfield, Karin Nordlander (all our contacts are below).  


 Given the size of the Chapter, we cannot send emails out to large groups without hitting server distribution limits and our emails being ‘spammed’.  

So, as our only current means of communicating about events or useful information, we have established the google ‘Florida Chapter group’.  This is a safe (OK, nothing in life is 100% safe) and free means of communication within the group.  It is not social media like Face Book or  Linked in; it is not spam nor will it subject you to junk email – it is just an email distribution list  to send information.  Currently, the only people with rights to post information on the site or send emails are Swati Srivastava, the 1818 Office Manager in DC, the regional coordinators and me.  If anyone on the distribution list wishes to post something, they may contact me or the coordinators and ask them to post on their behalf. 

In recent months, we have sent several invites to all Chapter members to join the google group. However, to date only 105 of the possible 350 have joined the group.  We understand you may be reluctant to join, but it is the most viable communication option we have.  

So, if you wish to receive information about Chapter events, please join the 1818floridachapter Google Group by clicking here and providing your email address and for security, your UPI number.  You will receive a confirmation  email from Google Groups.

 If you have difficulties joining,  you may  contact me directly at sc_hadler@yahoo.com and I will try to help.

 You will continue to be able to access the Florida Chapter website on the 1818  Chapter website as well as directly (go to google and key in “1818 Florida Chapter" group). However, updates to the site may not be  very frequent.  Information will also be included in the 1818 Bulletin. 

Other thoughts?

There appears to be considerable interest in a Florida Chapter ‘reunion’ involving an area or activity of interest.  For instance, I saw on the Authentic Florida site a 3 day ‘archeaological cruise’ on a relatively small ship along the Pensacola coast in April.  If this happens again in the fall or spring, it might appeal to some?  

 Another idea is the Miami Opera.  Members  may wish to meet  for dinner followed by opera – and even stay overnight to make a weekend of it.  The Naples Opera Group (NOG) organizes a bus that begins in Cape Coral and picks up at 3-4 places all the way to S. Naples; this includes opera tickets, pre-opera discussion/lecture, dinner and bus home for about $150/person.  

 Florida is a big state and ‘Regional Chapter’get togethers for lunch/dinner/special events are of considerable interest and a convenient way to stay connected.  Activities could be cultural/cerebral, crafts, outdoors – nature/athletic? I’m learning that several members are involved in activities that would be of interest to others and have agreed to post them on our web. For instance Richard Eddy teaches an international folk dancing class in Naples in season and information on this will be posted in the fall.  Others, such as Karin Nordlander, are very much involved in charitable groups and may welcome more helping hands. A couple of members have suggested a golf tournament.  I’m not a golfer but can assist members if they wish to organize a tournament by posting fliers on the web.  

 So, if any of you have a particular interest/idea, please let me know? 

 And, once again, Chapter communications – just over 100 Florida chapter members have joined the Google list serve.  But there are over 300 members –plus many snowbirds, like Shiva and myself.  Please, do join the Google list serve– you will not be inundated with emails,  it is not social media á la Facebook and you may enjoy renewing contact with former friends and colleagues. To join, simply google the 1818 Florida Chapter website, second menu item on the left hand side contains a simple on-line registration form for the Chapter list serve.

 Enjoy your summer!

Sandra Hadler
Chair, 1818 Florida Chapter 
June 26, 2014


Following the September 2013 survey of Chapter members, a preference was expressed to hold a reunion in 2014 and the preferred locations were SW Florida or a cruise.  Naples proved prohibitively expensive through June this year and we negotiated a competitive rate on a 4 night cruise out of Fort Lauderdale from March 13-17, 2014.  This was the first Chapter reunion since 2010, although most of the participants were 1818 refugees from the winter up north.  Reflections on the cruise can be found in the Left hand menu, 3rd item.

There have been eleven previous Florida Chapter reunions and, if interested, you can also read about them by clicking on the "Previous Reunions" tab on the left hand side navigation bar.

 Sandra Hadler
Chair, 1818 Florida Chapter

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